1. Always wanted a singed shirt from you guys . I’ll buy it don’t want it for free . Let me know how can I buy it please .👍

  2. The vbc really ain’t the same like when I first seen it pops but I’m still fuckin wit it keep it rockin lil t pot

  3. My 100lb lab buddy ate a whole tray of capcrunch cereal edibles😂😂, shit was drawlin, He was pissin himself, drooling n couldn’t stand up lmao

  4. I have a porkie that weights like 10lbs and she ate a fat piece of a brownie cake that fell apart on me. It was at least 2x2in. She was stoned for at least 12 hours.

  5. Bro literally half the shit you said regarding your knowledge of weed made you seem so dumb like bro get your facts up like you were deadass grading the weed on thc 😂and before you even saw it and also I’m sure the Blackwood brings out the flavor and quality of the tree 😂😂😂🤡

  6. The thc percentage isn't really a big deal. The more expensive strain has better taste, looks just better quality in general where the lower price might get you more stoned but not as good of a smoke. Cheers

  7. the dog is like “AYE ONE OF YALL IS GON PLAY WITH ME RIGHT FUCKING NOW!” 😂😂😂 he keep coming back with that blue toy 😂😂😂

  8. connected bipped the whole cookies sauce…took their colors, logo, and tried to take over their dispensaries but shiiit real mfs kno who the original cookie fam is

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