Business Strategies You Need to Start Doing the Last 127 Days of 2019 | Melbourne 2019 Keynote

With only a quarter of the year left, Gary goes into his Melbourne Keynote sharing some of his latest strategies and takeaways from 2019. He talks about the …


    8:45 Why I'm Bullish On TikTok
    9:45 Why You Need A LinkedIn Strategy
    14:21 Where You Need To Be Posting
    14:56 Execute On Your Communication Style
    19:31 Please Take Advantage Of This Era
    20:36 Why Brand Matters
    23:24 Creating 100 Pieces Of Content Per Day
    25:43 Parenting In a 2019 World
    28:58 How To Get Your Dream Internship
    31:11 Entrepreneurship SHOULD Be Hard
    31:47 My $0.02 On VR
    36:05 Why You Need a Podcast
    36:45 Why I "Interrupt"
    37:33 Quantity Doesn't Sacrifice Quality
    40:10 The Fastest Way Not to Have It All
    46:23 Instagram Didn't Make You Insecure
    49:37 Stop Caring About Likes
    51:27 Humility Is Critical
    52:19 How To Make Decisions
    56:09 How To Find What You're Passionate About

  2. The part when he says if your parents give you money they are in control couldnt have been any more true, im 24 and i think the last time my parents gave me money was when i was 17. Before that my dad bought me my first cell phone and i cant even count the amount of times he threatened to take my phone. Its a struggle but in the end i feel like you will mature much faster

  3. I’m trying to be a beauty creator on linked in. The whole “professional” things pushes me back. So I’ll try just being my full self on LinkedIn for the next month.

  4. 18:08 Stop making stupid people famous… 20 tweets a day? as if we needed more noise

    I’d rather listen to Sam Ovens or Cal Newport advice

  5. "I am completely unemotional"and wears an Empathy beanie. lol 🙂 first time watching this guy, loved it!

  6. Hey Gary just wanted to give you a heads up that at the end of the video where thumbnails are supposed to be for more content they aren't there. Also thank you for what you do. I have it playing while I am working. Keeps me on mission.

  7. I had the same idea for the beard oil guy! Combine your graphic design skills with beard oil dude that's golden…

  8. @GaryVee or team, can he finish the part @17:55 where he says 100 a day and he's breaking down Twitter….20@ day then Insta but goes off on tangent. How many/basically his daily strategy for each SM was super helpful…maybe he finishes thought.

  9. If your reading this, stop reading the comments. And go spend 30 minutes working towards your business or yourself!!!

  10. Gerry v, we both know that by the time tik tok , face book ect hits your pod cast its too late. It will be over crowded. (When you find yourself on the side of the majority, its time to pause and reflect) 'Qouted by Mark Twain' I respect you fully GV. I love your shit. Dont get it twisted.

  11. We should get on those platforms, you'll see me one them for sure. And you? What do you have to lose? And more importantly, what do you have to WIN?

  12. Gary thx my N.I.G.G.A. – "Never, Ignorant, Gettin, Goals, Accomplished" 2Pac. I needed this!!! Keep your 👀 on me brother, I've got lots of work to do.

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