1. Smell “O” Vision, lol, how cool would that be man, I live alone now, so my whole house smells like fresh bud at all times, it’s the best incense in the world. They’re looking awesome, can’t wait to get the rest of my photo boost boards, and your new heatsinks so I can start building, I feel that with the new lights, I’ll be pretty much ready to grow at the next skill level, your videos are awesome man, thanks for everything you do for us brother. 😎

  2. i started flowering way too early shes drinking a ton of water now but very lil nutes,the reason i started flowering 30 days from seed because she was getting so tall and i cant scrog because im using 1 dwc bucket and its a pain to change res wit a scrog lol my question i guess is..would it be ok to go to a veg feeding schedule? i dont see any new root growth which is shocking for dwc i really dont know what to do so i supercropped her in hopes that the flowers that are there can bulk up..i dont have any smell what so ever, im in a small grow tent 2x2x5 PH 5.8-6.1 RH cant keep stable smh HIgh 51% low 36% Temps 73-81 i dont know what to do

  3. I need some of your led strips!!!!! I subbed to site but building a light now but want to build one with your led's!!!

  4. Da garden is slamming bro slamming, those new lights look like there goin to rock da house n thank u for taking da time to share, we appreciate what u do u
    Here in da east coast 👍🙏🖖✌️😎

  5. Very nice update. Not a total surprise that photo boost side is performing slightly better, as the closer artificial light is to a full spectrum sunlight the more the plant can naturally express and grow. But I don't need to tell you that. Great job, keep up the good work.

  6. I think the all white side is going to take the cake. To me those ladies got at more going on with them lower nugs.

    Looks like there is different types of LEDs in them as well.

  7. Looking on point as usual. Whats to kelvin temp of the photoboost side. Im assuming warmer than 3100k. Thx take care bro !

  8. What's the good word Mr.G, This is why I've been a sub for years n years , Gene knows what the hell he's doin👍👍 Felt like Cannabis Island during intro😎 Cheers G. 👋

  9. A W E S O M E 🤩🤪 ps is this last defoliation or u’ll strip them again? Ps2 if I haven’t defoliate till 5th, should I start now?

  10. Plants look beautiful. plants like stripping. woman man they might say they don't like you doing that but when it's all done and over with their smiling

  11. Straight preemo in the making lol, next grow maybe try a mix of coco and perlite in roughly 50/50 to 40/60 ratios. I find the medium compacts less opposed to straight coco and see if your yield increases at all. I'm sure your inoculant would like the extra air. Keep these vids comin man, on lights and growing.

  12. Would you recommended to cut down room temp and humidity in last two week of flower to preserve more smelly terpenes? I observe in my tent that in week 4 or 5 they start to smell incredible and they start being very sticky but i think i lost that stickines terpens in last 2 week of flower before cuted it down, but they start swollen and getting hard rock dens bud. Can you say about your experience on VPD in your grow room in each stage of development?

  13. Hi there Gene! I recently won the TrolMaster Hydro X controller unit, I am very curious as to how you wired your lights to the lighting control adapter F and the drivers that can front control. I currently have 9cree CXB3590 ran on two Meanwell drivers (HLG-240H-C1400B and HLG-185H-C1400B) and a 200w ChillLed strip ran by one Meanwell driver (HLG-185H-C1050B). Will these drivers have similar problems that you were experiencing? (the two drivers that run the COBS are about 3 years old and do not have the new black detailing on the front face… does this make sense?). I’ve been hunting back through the other in the garden’s but I can’t appear to find how you fixed your lighting solution! Hope everything is going great with you homie, the plants look amazing and Woods looks so handsome!

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