Bridestowe Lavender: Harvesting global business from rural Australia

Using basic digital marketing skills, the owners of an Australian lavender farm transformed their business into a successful destination attracting visitors from …


  1. One small mistake. When Jan is talking about Scottsdale, you are showing scenes of Lilydale, the town synonymous with the Bridestowe name.

  2. Congratulations to Bridestowe Lavender. I love that Haru Yamashita goes past the lavender to smell the soil – Tasmania – the cleanest air on the planet, renewable energy, passion of the people, clear skies, fresh water….all absorbed into the land and felt by someone passionate about what they do. We are very lucky to have the Raven family committed to not only their own brand, but that of Tasmania as a whole – well done on a great achievement.

  3. Google you can not put internal audio can be recorded?
    Google no puedes poner que se pueda grabar el audio interno?

  4. Brilliant! Congratulations to the family and staff. I have visited the Lavender Farm since 1971 and knew the Dennys well. This is a massive step forward!

  5. Well done Robert, James and Jennifer. You have achieved wonders and put Nabowla on the map….where's that again….oh, you know, it is where the Lavender Farm is. Yes, everyone knows now. Regards, Peter Riggall Nabowla.

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