Breaking News: Fraud In the Medical Marijuana Business Exposed In Lake Charles, La.

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  1. medical marijuana helps you get off the meds ,but the one that can help you the most is the lord Jesus Christ get close to him.

  2. To control my PTSD I would have to use a LOT of weed . In my state you can grow your own but if you don't you can buy it at stores every where. There are up to 20 percent discount for Veterans of any war.
    Its kinda like the VA , you have to keep on top of it.
    Sounds like you have a state refs problem. The Dr.s only say you can use marijuana it's not their duty to provide it. When a doctor prescribes a say, heart medication do they pay for it? No.
    Your kind of ignorant on marijuana laws. I've been in the biz for years and it's not the Doctor. You have to renew your license every year. I would do some research if I were you. You sound like Pelosi describing an AK.

  3. Just come to Canada we have lotta dispensaries various strains of various different types of medical marijuana oh by the way it’s legal like alcohol here is

  4. Hello sir been watching you for a while one of your first subscribers this hit a chord with me I’m a Canadian, we’ve had medical marijuana legal now for almost a year now we’re having our edibles legalize come October 17 four days before the federal election, marijuana weed pot ganja grass However you wanted to Deceptict i’t,… I’ts never really hasn’t Harmed anybody to date,…We had medical marijuana here for many many years just recently it’s been ruled as the same as alcohol, legal for consumption by anyone 19+ we have the same things here up here in our medical system as you all down there there’s nothing really different on Canada it’s legal from coast to coast because our federal government decriminalized the possession and they us, only reason why we have it now as alcohol as we see the potential benefits from the natural herb that it is and not a chemical concoction for my big giant pharmaceutical company, hell nobody can tell me what the aftereffects or Tylenol extra strength or ibuprofen extra strength no one knows the side effects years after,,There was a man they found in the Australian Swiss Alps they named him otsi , They thought he was a dead skier they did some excavations and found out the guy was over 35,000 years old they found a bag of pot pipe preserved not to mention the same mushrooms that we use for bear aspirin around his neck preserved ,The fact of the matter is there’s Is three OK 3 receptors and for cannabinoid receptors hard wired into your brain, meaning that we evolved types of medication plants that we knew back in history when we were evolving into the creatures we were now r sedative medicinal effects these plans gave us,…. i’m not saying anything bad but America and her war against drugs was lost a very long time ago when Ronald and Nancy Reagan declared war on drugs they lost it that day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marijuana has been humanity since time immortal medicinal effects of any one strain of marijuana especially us humans have been playing with the genetics modify it and breeding I t Certain other plants for the qualities that we like I’ll be effect of the plant.I think marijuana is bad which is not alcohol is 1000 times worse than marijuana could possibly be If yousmoke joint I’ll get is the munchies How was the whole world smoked one joint There wouldworld peace for two hoursThen everybody will be fighting over the munchies to be eaten

  5. I am 100% disabled USMC👊🏻 It took three weeks out of my life, but I quit all narcotics from the VA. I was on mini and they always came late in the mail, over 20 yrs. I withdrew from all pharmaceutical I do nothing but natural and Advil. I’m still very much in pain but it’s tolerable, and I’m keeping my mind in health👊🏻 I have not used VA, in over 6 yrs for fear of not ding meds.. Their meds🤬 Marijuana works good, Family appreciates to that I’m not on pills👍🏻
    But to get med card, we give up rights 😢😢😢🇺🇸🔴🇺🇸😢😢😢

  6. To get Legal Marijuana, we give up our Rights to buy guns 😢🇺🇸🔴🇺🇸🔴🇺🇸😢 USMC 100% disabled 👍🏻✌🏻🕊

  7. I disagree as to any Marijuana.. Also known as Loco weed.. This name is due to marijuana growing wild on ranched. Horses and cow's who eat it become paranoid and aggressive out of fear. Very expensive horses have had to be shot due to this. They come at you full speed ready to kill you. Will stomp a person to death or seriously harm them by biting them in their head's crushing skull's.. It is a proven medical fact it also leads to serious brain damage in comprehension  of issues in everyday life. 1 joint is equal to 1.1/2 pack of cig's on your lung's. Government knows this just like they knew what Vaping would do on peoples lung's. Obama made pot legal to keep people dummied down. I've seen to much of this crap growing up. I am disabled. I live in sever chronic pain 24/7. Am on blood pressure meds due to the pain driving it up. I am allergic to morphine and can not get a pump. I pay humana for my med's. Vet's can get this too. I only pay 3.50 for my  per month supply. I am on pain med. Muscular med and sleep aid's as no way can I sleep with this sever pain. No one could. My whole spin is destroyed due to a driver who t-boned me , driving on a suspended license. My life has been ruined for the past 18 years due to this. 3 valves in my heart have gone bad due to the B.P. going sky high due to sever pain. I am a widow of a Marine. Everything we worked so hard for is gone due to having to pay for years my own medical bill's. It took almost 5 years to get my disability even as they watched my health deteriorate. Stomach lining and intestinal lining gone. Pain management has a new way to treat patents with out drug's to block pain. I am not even a surgical candidate for that due to a rare neurological condition called C.I.D.P It is a demylenation of the nerves from the spinal cord to the organ's and muscles.. During relapses I can not take any pain medication as it will suppress my respiratory system. My whole body lock's down and it feel's like I am being crushed to death. I can't even take the touch of a sheet on me. Due to this I am not a surgical candidate. I due use a Ten's unit and this new device for chronic pain does replace taking medication as it is attached to the nerves providing electrical stimulation to block nerve pain to the whole spine or where it is needed most. It is implanted under the skin with very thin wires and a stimulator. The success rate is 98%. I wish I qualified for this. It would give me more quality of life.

  8. I have personal experience with medical marijuana and prescription drugs for PTSD and the crap being given to our vets like Valium and xanax is the worst thing you could do to a human being long term because you can't simply stop one day and the withdrawals could kill you. These types of drugs are nightmares and have caused many of the suicides imo. Marijuana is a medicine and should be used as such. It is not something that should be used recreationally IMO. That said , medical marijuana is in my opinion a great medicine for many different ailments and would save many many lives of our veterans.

  9. Douglas, tell them to go to a health food store and ask if they have some CBD oil to get some help. It's faster and probably better.

  10. Sounds like the doctor and nurses are getting paid and smoking doobies! Total abuse. Sounds like a Fast n Furious kind of deal😳

  11. I'm very proud to say that Arizona is in the up N up with their patients! If they want a good example of how to run their medical marijuana program I think Arizona is a great example

  12. This guy is a idiot, To think just cause you see a Dr he has to Rx you anything. You dont go to a Dr to pay for the Rx. You got to get a recommendation from the Dr.

  13. After my husband stood in line for over an hour just to sign in (followup visit)… only to be told.. they'd reached their patient capacity.. he totally gave up on total health (Lafayette location) and went to GreenRx in Carencro. What a WORLD of a difference. This doctor is one all-around GOOD human being who is NOT after the money of already ill and suffering patients. Picked up the medicine same day as got the official recommendation. 30min visit. Can't recommend Dr. Aymond enough. The circles this state is sending patients in is SHAME. It is just up and coming and already needs a total redo.


  15. There is fraud everywhere. Government is a magnet for fraud. Why else would the military protect terrorist in saudi arabia, protect poppy fields in Afghanistan, protect shipments of heroin to the 🇺🇸. Everything is corrupt.

  16. Oh man! I would have walked past that receptionist and FOUND that M.D. and ask him WTF is going on and that I DEMAND honest answers!

  17. Say a prayer of Thanks when you find a doctor who is honest and decent,&who's actually there to help you with your health and any health problems you may have. There are good doctors out there who are honest and decent,&who do care and really want to help their patients. These doctors are worth their weight in gold,because there are many doctors out there who are pretty much the direct opposite who do not care and who have forgotten the oath they took to legally become a medical doctor.
    It is so important for Americans to get out and vote because the administration who's in power at any given time has great power even in terms of the rights Americans will retain or lose,&these rights include the right to choose which doctor or doctors you may see and which medical center or hospitals you may go to for medical help when needed.You don't even want to know how greatly any President can effect the medical insurance industry and what choices and rights you may retain or lose by whom you choose when voting.
    If and democrat or any rino gets into The Office Of Presidency here in America again,we All will be royaly screwed and will quickly have no more rights and no Constitution to protect us and our rights.
    The democrat party is now openly socialist and not even trying to hide that fact any longer. Many of them are so proud of being socialists that they openly declare that's what they are,what they want,&that they are pushing for a socialist government in control of the USA! The rinos are just as dangerous,though I believe they may be even more globalist than the socialist democrats are.
    President Trump is our greatest assurance against a socialist takeover of America,as well as him being our greatest assurance of retaining the Constitution and the remaining rights we still have as American citizens at this point in history.
    The most wise move any American can make is voting for President Donald Trump to be reelected as well as to campaign for him and encourage others to cast their votes for President Trump in 2020!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  18. I get it thru my Cbiropractor. $1.00 per Cap. Pay and get my product. Quality product from Vermont. I I live in upstate N.Y.. This that you speak of is a outrage. Thank you for helping our Vets.

  19. I've retired now..from the Jefferson County Texas jail…but in my career there…i met some old dope sellers that even though they were criminals,could probably run that place more fairly than those "sofisticated "white collar criminals…imho!Darn,the state attorney general needs contacted immediately and send investigators!!Thanks Doug.

  20. I made an appointment in Lafayette, I discussed it with my physician because I prefer natural cures over chemical poisons. My physician said that he was fine with it and yes I did meet the qualifications. They do not take any insurances at all and the fees are astronomical when you are on a limited income. I began to have second thoughts about the prices, before I called to cancel they called me to move my appointment up weeks in advance of the initial appointment. I took the opportunity to cancel my appointment. Thank God! I believe he saved me from what you are describing. No one that qualifies should experience that kind of torture on top of what we are already suffering from. TY and God bless and keep you Douglas!

  21. state of indiana is crupt medical services its really bad here to mr duglas im disabled it took me allmost 15 years to get them pull my bad teeth and removes the cysts on my eare thats was makeing me go septic ive reproted them every where and nothing is ever done

  22. They should all be up on charges. Just wait untill med pot becomes leagle THEY will corrupt this product just like tobacco. BY adding addictive chemicals to it such as formaldahide RAT Poision etc.

  23. That's a stupid law Douglas I'm 50 years old and I'm dying of lung cancer and all what you're saying about you need a license to smoke weed or I must have missed something in your opening statement maybe I'm just an idiot but I've been smoking weed since I was 12 years old and I never needed a license or a medical card for that people are just going to smoke weed with her they like it or not they're going to get it anywhere

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