1. I love it. Bill was lying though. Just like he said ''I never had sexual relations with that woman''. If trump legalizes it federally he will get reelected.

  2. Kamala Harris Is just another Obama they talk about they use but didnt do shit in regards to legalizing it nothing but hypocrites even worst Kamala Harris locked up pot smokers true fact and even locked up parents because of truancy and even laughed about it. she’s nothing but a typical prosecutor that makes people innocent people suffer I would rather have tulsi gabberd legalize marijuana than any cannidate that runs in 2020

  3. Just because I'd like to cum in your face, does not mean I'd make you President of the United States, bitch

  4. What about this new research coming out of Yale on the dangers of marijuana use? Its starting to look worse than we thought.

  5. Prediction: Trump says no longer illegal, and demands release of pot criminals thus bankrupting the democrats steady supply of poor and often black voters. 🎤 drop?

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