1. I pray every night that one day the government will wake up and smell the fire they keep fanning they are gonna start a civil war if things continue to go on like this not just on weed but we deserve the rights of other 1st world country's the way these men feel is they have a gun and a badge that gives you power but they would never have the balls and bravery to do the things a veteran has they would snap under the pressure they don't have the right to take his weed it is probably all that keeps him from suffering PTSD to fight wars for them to have the freedom to play a cop but they are actually playing the roll of thugs and are no better than the murders they put in jail they abuse us harrass us and try to violate rights constantly

  2. You cannot go through boarder patrol with weed even though you have a card because they are federal and you will go to jail!😳

  3. Contact the Goldwater Institute in Phoenix, they may be interested in handling your case Pro Bono! The only way to deal with Criminal Gang is to drag their sorry asses into Federal Court/State Court? As they stated in the Showtime Show Billions, "They made a Federal Case out of Nothing"

  4. This also posted on a mirrored site:

    I'm not a marijuana user, but I don't object to it overall, even for recreational use. Further, I understand what you're getting at here, however, although Arizona state law now legalizes medical marijuana, the federal government does not recognize a distinction between medical and non-medical marijuana — both are treated as controlled substances (along the lines of cocaine, heroine, etc.). Since this is an inland border control checkpoint, it is under Federal control, even if it is in Arizona, more especially if it's within the 100-mile border patrol zone. You may not like the fact that CBP doesn't honor Arizona statutes, but they don't have to at their border patrol checkpoints. The federal law has precedence over State law at these checkpoints.

    On the other matter, a "free-air" sniff from a trained dog DOES establish probable cause for a search, both under federal law and under Arizona State law. While you can argue that the dog "indicating" is predicated upon how the dog reacts to the handler, that argument falls on deaf ears with the courts unless you can prove the unreliability of that dog or it's handler. Even the ACLU acknowledges that "probable cause" permits Border Patrol agents to conduct a search and NOT just for "human bodies". https://www.aclu.org/know-your-rights-100-mile-border-zone

    Contrary to Mr. James Freeman's assertion on his mirrored presentation of this video that their ONLY authority is to prevent "human trafficking", they also have the authority to stem the transportation and introduction of controlled substances (which, under federal law, marijuana is included) beyond the border patrol checkpoints. Should there be an exception to the medical marijuana for the qualified person under Arizona State law? YES, there SHOULD be, but until there actually IS a legal exception under federal law, the actions of these agents is completely legal and justified (until you can prove the dog didn't really "indicate").

    An important Federal case that clarifies this issue was ruled upon April 11, 2016, in MARRUFO v. THE UNITED STATES BORDER PATROL, No. CV15-01086WJ. The importance of this ruling rests on the applicability of the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment, contained in a 2015 federal appropriations act, which made it illegal for the U.S. Department of Justice to enforce laws that interfere with state statutes that allow the "use, distribution, possession or cultivation of medical marijuana."

    The problem here is that the U.S. Border Patrol is governed by the Department of Homeland Security and not subject to the provisions of the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment, which applies only to the U.S. Department of Justice in terms of prosecution. In response to the "Marrufo" case, the U.S. Attorney's Office in New Mexico issued a statement that the Department of Justice would not prosecute anyone arrested by Border Patrol for possession and transportation of authorized medical marijuana through checkpoints located in States that have statutes authorizing it. That does NOT stop the Border Patrol from effecting the arrest, however. You're on the wrong side of a losing argument.

  5. He gave you some awesome information. put the MJ in a subscription bottle with all of the information on it. As to the theft. you should have called the sheriff and filed a theft complaint with him listing the boarder patrol agents on it and demanding that the officer arrest them for theft. This would have gotten the state on your side and put the BP in an interesting situation in regards to states, and citizens rights. Theft is theft and it makes no difference who is committing the crime. Lets say that the sheriff fails to arrest. when this happens you can arrest the BP agent yourself with a citizens arrest and have the sheriff as a witness, if the BP agent then arrest you, it looks like retaliation and looks really bad. They will be doing what ever they can to settle with you because there is no jury that will convict you.

  6. These federal laws are bullshit. However, anyone who hasn't been living under a rock, and especially someone who has a medical marijuana card knows, or certainly should know, that marijuana is illegal federally. Regardless of the efficacy or scientific reasoning of such a law, knowing that the law exists, it's incredibly foolish to attempt to bring a "controlled substance" across a USA border.

  7. Cops have a lot to learn about medical marijuana, They should have better things to do like confiscating fruit brought into the US

  8. All this for a couple grams of a legal product? If it wasn't for the war on drugs the police would have to solve real crime and actually work for a living.

  9. These guys need to get a real job, thuggery for a plant! The whole world is watching these thugs break AZ law, we need to close down these checkpoints today! This is only 1 step away from the Berlin Wall & Nazi Germany! Out of control! I thought it was about Immigration only? See how they keep pushing there authority! It will only get worse!

  10. This is disgusting. Not even trying to be subtle or sly about it anymore. Sucks being a local ZonaEnt and knowing that this kind of BS continues.

  11. Such bull shit !!!! Taking medicine from a vet when most of these dumb assholes never served our country… FUCKING BLUE ISIS TYRANTS… we the people are getting tired of this Nazi inland tyrants

  12. All this for pot,eat a handful of dick you pieces of shit. Ambush these motherfuckers every chance you get people. Army Strong!

  13. and all this time i thought you were a really decent guy not part of an international drug smuggling cartel
    the things you learn on you tube

  14. They give no ticket which means no proof and then possibly all split it up in the break room and laugh at the time they wasted. What a bunch of dicks.

  15. you don't think these gravy sucking dirtbags buy their own herb , do you?
    They steal everything they aquire 🙁
    I guess it's true, the terrorists DO hate us for our freedom.

  16. Thank you for service , That little bit ? Find a place in America please , If anyone thinks this is legal activity a flood will start . I thought he had pounds , People will help him in America , good and caring people grow weed they will help you . he looks old and he needs to enjoy the rest of his life , god bless him .

  17. What are bunch of wankers cops only are there for the elitists not for us humans we are the slaves and the cops are the puppets because they have IQ's below 10 so will do what there masters tell them.

  18. Maybe they missed the fact Trump passed a federal right to try act. Which makes it legal on a federal level in legal states.

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