1. These facts are just a small part of what the best thieves in our country are up to. The real criminals aren't in jail….are you nuts? The real criminals are WAY more resourceful that getting caught. The best and worst have the laws (sometimes you'll hear them called regulations) that enable their prosecution removed. Remember when the United States was bankrupted (they called it the great recession…it wasn't…it was the greater than the great depression..and is still going on) in 2008. That all started with Bush's first days in office when he got rid of various financial and banking regulations for his dad's buddies. More recently..what did Trump do when he first got into office..it was all over the news…he was signing and running pens out of ink…getting rid of pesky regulations. See regulations are put in place for the same reason laws are….to discourage one human from raping, stealing, and otherwise stepping on other's pursuit of happiness. That is why almost no one was prosecuted for the 'great recession'. The laws that made their behavior illegal and were necessary to prevent the greatest theft in human history were removed. It's genius truly. The masses were none the wiser..watching football….dumbfounded by all the noise on the news….buying into the notion that there are conservatives and liberals…just like they want, because the name of the game is divide and conquer. It is long past time to wake up…it's WE THE PEOPLE vs THE ONES ABUSING THEIR POWER IN GOVERNMENT.

  2. jeez, whatever, who cares about them, start looking at yourself, have you donated anything? And if you did, was your intention clean? start focusing on yourself. And i wouldn't really believe all rich people are like what your video says, try to be positive that somewhat they are doinf things with the best intentions

  3. And you think it is better to give it to the government? The ones that spend 3 times as much money to get half as much done by private charities.

  4. I can't speak for all billionaires, but Zuckerberg and Gates worked enslavement hours to change the face of the world. They deserve the money they make. Gates gives most of his away. Zuckerberg is young. He may yet.

  5. @blitzwaffe I’m not unsympathetic to flint. I just think Flint caused Flints problems. They don’t deserve a bail out. They deserve to work themselves out of the hole they dug. The city was crooked or the city was incompetent. Probably both.

  6. Is it just me or is this content not that well said?
    I feel like there are a lot of jumping and holes in this video. Like for example how he think putting it in a public or a government charity is much better…?

  7. This is a very negative video. Billionaires are pretty essential for our economy and survival. Imagine all our billionaires left. Millions of people would lose their jobs. Most billionaires are the heads of pretty essential industries or entertainments. It's one of the reasons we cant tax them to death. They'll leave

  8. Government spending=less effective than private spending. Everyone should avoid taxes to invest in the charitable foundations that best support their goals.

  9. This is not a shocker. Bill Gates could just give all his fortune to elevate communities instead of waiting to die for it to happen. I think he is not leaving anything to his kids

  10. So, you saying that Bill and Melinda Gates skipped on taxes due to society, and instead created a charity owned by them, whereupon THEY decide where to put the money that would otherwise be part of societal budget?

    Maybe the ultra rich should not get charitable tax deductions…

  11. Wow. This is incredibly biased and very weasily worded. Sadly, basically what I've come to expect from this show by now, though.

  12. You forgot to mention that it's not their money in the first place but rather money they exploited as "surplus labour value" from their workers.

  13. Tax dodge aren't that bad.

    First off there is some that remain in taxes so basically they give more than if they just payed taxes.

    Second there is less cost in buraucatie despite what Adam says and his cynical vision of charity is unfair.

    Third what has to go in buraucatie is easily more than 5 percent so his statement is true but very disingenuously presented. (red cross put I think 87 percent in none bureaucratic endeavors and they are on the lower category of wasted money.

    Fourth by giving money to charity you chose were it goes for those that don't like military or death penalty the porder wall or war on drugs you can have clean hands.

    Or if you want to help a dissaventaged community instead of another.

    And there is a whole moral argument on who should choose how to divide your money

    This video is trash because it comes from the premise charity is bad and then form arguments to reach that premise instead of doing it the other way around

  14. Listen Adams is an idiot who believes we went to the Moon even if in reality stars are nuclear. They emit radiations on all frequencies 24/7. It is a nuclear oven in outer space. We need to invent something to replace the Earth's Magnetosphere protection (no I didn't write Atmosphere). We are no even close to being able to do that. The majority of people do not even know the Magnetosphere exist!

  15. Billionaires are so bad for the economy as a whole. And a billion dollars is borderline impossible to spend. I honestly think that once you reach a billion dollars whatever else you make should automatically go to taxes or charities because nobody should have that amount of money

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