Bill Tries Marijuana | Bill Engvall

Bill tries marijuana for the first time at the suggestion of his doctor. It doesn’t go the way he expected but….it’s partially Bill’s fault. Let’s just say he didn’t get clarity …


  1. Yo! This is the first I’ve seen of Bill since BCCT and wow 😂😂😂😂 Love the material Bill!! 💨 🌳 everyday 🍍 🍁 ✌️ ☮️

  2. I'm in the Ben & Jerry's of pot…

    Well considering that Ben and Jerry are a bunch of stoners, I think that their names would be similar.

  3. I remember when Bill Engvall was funny. Really ? 58, a comedian on the road, and you have no experience with pot?

  4. Oh my god do y’all know how much money Walgreens and CVS would bring in if they had their own little dispensary in the back of the store how they have with Pharmacy’s?

  5. An old narrow-minded man gets an education and breaks out of his safe space.
    Kudos for him for sharing his experience… and hopefully learning and making his life better.
    Funny stuff. Good share.

  6. first time I smoked, I was 30….in the Bahamas, my cousin bought Coke from the guy that rents Jet Ski's on the beach, LOL  and comes walking back and gives me Pot, I said "what?"…..he said "pot came with the Coke, I don't smoke pot…."…….okay! I'm back on the ship trying to make a bong from a soda can….

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