BHO: Warning over production of super-strength cannabis – BBC News

Butane Hash Oil: A highly dangerous new method of making super-strength cannabis is emerging in Britain, causing explosions, serious injuries and deaths.


  1. It's perfectly safe to make butane extracted oil it's all about knowing what you're doing and not being a moron

  2. How about make flower rosin under a heat press and you can get 'super strength cannabis oil' without all the brutane and explosions …..

  3. The metro recently posted this same story but their title was misleading.

    Funny thing is I'm not even interested in shatter extracts. I'm more looking forward to the day I can choose the weed I smoke by flavour and strain.

  4. It's called a closed loop. Saves lives. Gotta be an idiot to be doing open blasting inside. & u gotta be a real idiot to spark a flame while someone's doing this outside. Get a closed loop. Use a solvent like everclear or alcohol & you're good. Better quality shit anyway.

  5. I think it should stay illegal so that idiots are doing everything making it dangerous, I for one think if people want to have a good time the drug that they take should be at the top of the list of danger to self and community (alcohol) if you want something milder than drink like weed, you need to be locked up and raped and your chances of living a normal life destroyed leading you to drink and violence.

  6. Prohibition is causing all that. If legal it would be done in a lab or with rosin press

    Butane evaporates at room temperature only retarded ignorant britons will mix heat with butane. Any static shock or too hot of a surface will lit you up.

  7. you could just be safe, like for starters, dont do it inside, do it outside, like with other flammable things like that.

  8. stop blaming objects for dumb peoples actions….. all of the cases where the butane explodes or catches fire are cases where they do it indoors, and/or near some sort of ignition source…. or in some other way ignore basic safety…………… what you use things for dosnt matter, its how you use them…. making hash or just filling a lighter,…. do it outside, and away from ALL heat sources, and electronics of all kinds.

  9. Legalize it. RIP, those who didn't know to make it. Most serious dab makes have huge, compressing closed loop machines that cool by themselves. Just keep the kids out of the kitchen. Moonshine always blew up the hillbillies. Make it in the modern way. Dab is great!

  10. Scaremongering again… more FUD from the Zio-nest controlled BBC… we have more to fear from BBC peedos like Jimmy Saville and Lord Greville Janner and Russel Brand
    Cannabis production rarely ends in disaster, the stats don't make it worthy of news except that the Zionist elites prefer imprisoning British citizens for a harmless stimulant.

  11. hell yeah it's a medicinal herbs not some shit from reefer madness. Marijuana is not bad. if we find a better way of making this BHO then all of that BS will stop happening. For this people that believe Marijuana is bad then please compare it to alcohol and meth. Marijuana has done nothing wrong our government has for their greed and not letting us use it sooner so that we would have a better idea of how not to use it.

  12. It's time to legalise it. I'd rather give the government money to spend on improving the country than a hood rat to bling his car.. It's stupid weed being illegal when everyone knows someone that smokes it. I went to a marina recently to pokehunt with friends and the people that noticed all said the same thing. That smells nice mate. . No one person tutted or looked annoyed. Smiles all round ✌

  13. Legalise marijuana. It's a victimless crime and the state is punishing people for their lifestyle, much like they used to arrest people for homosexual acts. The state doesn't own a person, they own themselves.

    Plus it could be taxed if legal, and they wouldn't be adding fuel to the black market economy.

  14. Why doesn't the BBC show one of the tens of facilities in the US that are legal and regulated that produce BHO? There are plenty of walkthroughs on YouTube. That would move the discussion further than the ignorance and fear that this kind of content promotes. Maybe the UK officials should visit some of these facilities to see what legalization and regulation looks like.

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