BHO extraction tutorial the right way | Dab in hours

PLEASE READ: DO NOT USE THIS FOR TIPS. I have left this video up as a joke for how many views it has gotten versus my other videos. I never exploded or …


  1. I posted this video almost 3 years ago and since it still seems relevant to viewers commenting today, I would like to let you all know I have since then purchased a rosin press and am safely squishing! I will post squishes soon!

  2. We used to use 2 red bull cans cut the top off one and the bottom off the other and put them together for the extraction tube.

  3. U stupied its burning off the butane tast and with the heat you can wip it till u have crumble

  4. Honestly CHEECH WINKLE.. watched this video of yours years back and
    commenting now 2019..clearly Uve done a great job and know what ur doing..critical mistake is doing it in your bedroom or Suttin..shishh kebab one day ull be if ur not carefull

  5. Never made bho myself and still doing research. I have a good grasp of good and bad with the process. I would never run anything through plastic, indoors, and not vacuum chambered purged.

  6. Why would you want to shake the Butane cans if you want it to stay in a liquid state?

    Shaking it causes more of the liquid to convert to gas, right? Until it reaches a certain pressure, anyway. After that it doesn't do anything at all.

  7. "If your gonna add a heat source id add a small space heater to boil off excess butane. Be safe out there" Lol. A space heater is the worst thing besides a open flame that you could use.

  8. your blasting inside? Inhaling all those fumes huh? and very sanitary where your doing it right? And bro, plz go get you a glass tube made for blasting. only 20 bucks. No offense but I wouldnt want mine or my clients concentrate made as getto as yo made it. need to be on some walter white type shit, will look more professional and give you a better yeild. and i agree with u on the quality f butane. get the good shit from home depot. u cant afford? then jack it hah

  9. Lmao once the butane touches any of that tape guess what ? It just stripped the adhesive off that tape and gave your oil some extra weight in chemicals off the tape , good way to give your self cancer or some other nasty lung problems all the purging in the world couldn’t get that out !

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