Best CBD Affiliate Programs to Join In 2019

4 of the best and most trusted CBD affiliate programs are reveales + Why you want to take advantage of the CBD Opportunity. Join my free CBD Affiliate …


  1. Why do you recommend Joy CBD after starting with another CBD? Didn't really get a good reason….
    Do they require a certain amount of CBD history before getting involved with them? Thanks

  2. Thank you for the value you provide to your viewers.
    Q. I am from India and a beginner in affiliate marketing. Will this niche be a good option to start with?
    Q. If yes, where should I start with?
    P.S: I wanna do this for U.S. market.

  3. thanks Brian!. Great video. Interested to learn ore about this niche and ride this wave. I truly believe cbd is a valuable medical treament for a number of different ailments. They have just started understanding more of the medicinal uses it may have!

  4. I'd love to see a "Restricted Markets" Masterclass or Mini-course out there…hint, hint. ("Here's my $10 Superchat.")

  5. Brian, nicely done. Question: Do you think CBDMedic is still a good affiliate opportunity, if one is now competing with CVS? Do you know if this company will continue down the retail avenue?

  6. WARNING! You might be fine selling CBD products in the US but a warning that every single country around the world have different laws about CBD being sold into their countries.

    Unless you're a worldwide legal expert or have very deep pockets I would not advise selling CBD or hemp based products anywhere else.

    There's a reason why Google & Facebook ban you from using those keywords in your advertising.

  7. 👍🏻 this product and medicinal approach would be totally new to me but I think If I committed myself to it I could learn what I would need to learn quick enough. Probably my strongest ability for influence would be my belief in the necessity of this medicinal option. When I believe in something, I tend be highly persuasive.
    I guess what I am trying to say is that I think I should look into this. Any information that you are willing to send in my direction will be eagerly received. 👍🏻 🌿🌸🌲🍃🌺

  8. I have started writing many pieces of content on what CBD can help with but have not published any as of yet.
    Started a website but haven’t gone past that. Really want todo CBD. Supplements always need refilled so once you get that customer they will
    Need more. Plus getting that first customer email will let me sell other supplements and other products. Looking forward to working with you

  9. I love this video!! Thank you for sharing. I'm a strong believer in CBD's health benefits. I feel you have just answered my 🙏.

  10. One of the most interesting opportunities I've seen. Your take on the potential seems spot-on to me. Thank you for the info.

  11. Hi Brian, It was a great video on CBD. I really think it is a great product to market for Affiliate Commissions. I know the CBD MLM but also looking at the Affiliate side. The major issues of the product are organic source certified (hemp suck up all the toxins in the ground), concentration in the supply (value for the money) and the delivery (adsorption from the mouth with microform lipids and not the stomach where the CBD is getting destroyed.) This is from the product side which I wanted to add for anyone interested in offering the best products. Further, the highest level of attraction to CBD is battling Anxiety. This is the market to go for. This is an affluent market which includes professionals and high performers. Also, CBD can be felt in 2-3 minutes for Anxiety. You know it is working. You can actually feel it work. The last thing,…taking CBD is not directing causing the effect in the body. We produce CBD. The CBD from the hemp is blocking our neuroreceptors which back up other neurochemicals and have them wait in line. It is the flood of these chemicals after the CBD is exhausted which is the effect. It is just acting as a blocker. That is how it works. In fact, CBD can stop a THC high by blocking the receptors to accept THC.

  12. I just left HempWorx and switched to Calm by Wellnes due to the generous commission plan and there is no minimum personal order requirement. 😜

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