Bending your Cannabis in Early Flower to Maximize Yields w/Pigeons420

Hi friends, I’ve got another tip here to avoid having burnt tops and help maximize yield. Bend your plants early in flower to keep the canopy even and light evenly …


  1. Hi mate, great vids, i c you dont trim any leaves. I thought the shade leaves shade the new growth underneath? What did you light your bong with???

  2. Nobody else noticed that the plants he's working on are quite sick? I'm no expert, but the plant is pale yellow with what looks like mites or aphid spotting on the leaves, especially the lower ones. Also, look at the edge of the leaves…. they're curled up from heat stress and probebly not enough humidity. He's correct on bending though, but do it slowly and work it around a bit first. They can and do snap.

  3. Actually breaking them and moving them creates "knuckles" which is also very effective. Cannabis is very strong, it can take it.

  4. great video as always man and it was funny this morning some "grower" wanted to argue woth me that when you grow you want male plants…..enough said

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