1. I like your style bruv … descriptive way on how to top …from seedling I take it but nice πŸ‘ topping clones ATM but you summed up it nicely which will apply to clones .. so to much bruv & thank you 😜

  2. Thank you so much friend, I am so thankful for the wealth of knowledge that you you tubers do for us and I will join you in time when I am more experienced with this stuff…lol! I want to pass good things not mistakes…lol! Good job btw… Much love to you and Peace πŸ˜‰

  3. My plant has 5sets of 2 leaves.basically growing straight up and not out. She is about 1 month old. Should o wait a little longer?

  4. Can I top it at previous set of leaves? I kinda let it grow a bit too spindly and was wondering if it would even be able to support my plants weight once it starts to branch out.

  5. Thanks for the video! It helped me πŸ™‚ My poor plants are having some troubles with excess nutrients and mold gnats, but they're recovering πŸ™‚ (plus they're topped now!)

  6. Hey my crow leaves or the 3 pointers. One of my plants developed 5 leaves on one of the crow leaves. Is that normal?

  7. Did you get 8 tops just from 1 topping and then split the 8? I'm trying to emulate but currently have 4 tops after topping, i think because i removed the lower vegetation, I think i'll split them into 8 when they get bigger and then into 16

  8. Noob question… Can someone clarify what he is referring to by "shoots"? I assume the 2 very small off small shoots just below where he cut? And can you do this to other "branches" later on or even make another top later on on both new tops and so on?

  9. Finally, a "topping" video that actually shows how, when and where. Between those who made topping videos that turn into a 'look at my grow room" video and the ones who can't hold or focus a camera, I couldn't see where it actually gets cut. Great Job!!!

    Thanks For taking The Time!

  10. spot on bro, i love topping 3rd to 4th node,, could never understand why some growers grew them silly xmas tree style plants… UKLP

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