1. I'm homeschooled so I dont go to school the reason why I stopped is because I had problems with math, writing, and reading but now I'm 12 and I still have those problems the only thing that I'm good at is history and science. But my mom and dad can't find anything to help me get better at math, writing and reading the thing is. Is that I try my best but I just stare at my paper and not do anything. But we have to learn right well at least some of my friends are good. Like my friend kaylee shes a expert at math and me I'm not for an example if someone came up to me ask me what 21Ć·4 I would say I dont know. But I have learning disabilities I'm a right brained learner but other 12 year old they know what 21Ć·4 is my mom calls me an Idiot for not getting stuff right but that's me after watching this I was in tears after because it was like that in regular school some times I think when I grow up I think I'm going to be working at Walmart which I hope not. But that's me and probably you too reply if your the same like me. šŸ˜”

  2. well i totally agreed and i denied to go to school and now i am gonna have a talk with my principle and i am kicked out off my house by the goverment so THANK YOU PRINCE EA for inspiring us all UGHHH

  3. teacher should be like Kakashi from naruto(annime character)…..growing with his students so they can deeply understand each other

  4. Me : – relaxing –
    Dad : go to school
    Me : why?
    Dad : so you get good grades
    Me : and?
    Dad : so you can go to a great school
    Me : and?
    Dad : so you get a great job
    Me : and?
    Dad : so you get money
    Me : and?
    Dad : so you can buy a great home
    Me : and?
    Dad : then you can relax
    Me : what do you think im doing dad?

  5. "What is school for?" It sure isn't for learning. You, smart person who made this video, have got it right.

    Read the book "The Underground History Of American Education" by John Taylor Gatto, or for a few quick points check out his Twitter account: realJohnGatto

  6. I beleive and agree with you, but I think, that shoving information into your head is the best way to learn the best. You study more and more and more, over and over again. It gets permanently drilled into your head. Then the test let's you test how good you can do it. If your brain sees school as nice and happy, it wont take it seriously! It wont think that it is important to go to college!
    It may be stressful, but how you know what it feels like, so in the future, you dont get hurt as badly, because you've already been through it!
    Sometimes, not everything needs to be fed to you. Sometimes, you gotta forage for things you need. It makes you confident, stronger, and sooner or later, in the end, it's not someone who usually tells you that. It's you. In the end, you learn to be independent. Strong. Smart. And successful

  7. Someone copied you.. so I thought this video isnt famous it was 400k views but when I found the real video 12 million views I knew its u and . I got a 95 after watching this šŸ™‚

  8. I love ur videoā¤ā¤It helped me to get out of a depression. But do you know what I'm going to do after this video??:>
    I am going to do my homework…

  9. I completely agree, but there's no point in just finding faults. If you say there's a problem, then give a solution

  10. my sophomore year, there was a boy who had sexually assaulted me and I told the counselor that he was blackmailing me and threatening me and she told me that I should leave him alone. once I was in my junior year I had ptsd and severe panic attacks as long as an eating disorder and when my mom finally had enough, she confronted the counselor and she basically said mental health doesnt matter and its more important that I just go to school instead of getting inpatient help. so yeah. fuck school.

  11. I'm in the UK and this is literally all true I can't even remember what I did in history and citizenship and English last week lo

  12. I showed this to my best friend and she sent it to her mom, who is a principal at a different school.

  13. In German schools u actually get to be teached how to connect dots but if ur struggling or just not able to understand it and can't keep up, ur fucked up.

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