Beautiful Hawaiian Indica Cannabis plant with Buds

Hawaiian Indica is a blend of Hawaiian Island Sativa crossed with potent marijuana to shorten down the flowering time and bulk up bud production.


  1. This stuff grows wild in the Midwest USA, except it is a different variety and people just call it ditch weed, it was naturalized. Flowers and seeds and grows back in the Spring in the woods.

  2. I got hit by a trailer,then a truck,and then by the same trailer again- last year. 1 in 1000 chance to survive. Off work for 10 months. Advils/ibuprofen works but not really,as I'm still tensed up. However a cannabis gummy makes all the pain go away and relaxes me, with the bonus i don't have to worry about my kidneys getting damaged, stomach ulcers, strokes, etc etc from long term use of NSAIDs.

  3. Do they produce seeds and do you sell them? Not interested in the buds just the growing of the plant. Love the look of it.

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