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  1. Wow… You got fucked… Send that light back… Its deductive for sure…

    Ypur plants have micro penis. Sorry man.

    You ever need me to grow your 6… I'll take those nice ledz off your hands and you'll never have to worrie again… I'll put that led 4 feet to the left and to the right of the galaxy de1000z.

    Or I'll just veg with them…. They look fairly useless for flower…

    Flipping 4 inch plants… WHY???? That pissed me off you know… Ide cuff you if you were my little brother. Asshole… 9 days…. If you would have just let them go wet to dry for 3 more water cycles then put em in 12 12 you dote. Listen… For home tents…. Cut 3" clones…. When they come out of the cloner you veg them for 3 weeks. Then put them into 12 12…. But dont give them 24 or 48 hours darkness first…. Thats just foolish. Ya you'll ahave a day off but you'll yeild 5% less per plant for that stunt…. Want proof… Do a side by side with 2 exact clones… I did before led grow lights were invented and magnetic MH 750 watt grow lights were the rage. And ya…. Bullshit.. As a matter of fact, you should not talk and just show video…

    Also, read all works authored or co authored by Jorge Cerventas.

    Your not doing anything worth a danm but you look like an ass with the shit you say with those pathetic plants in the backdrop. Your grow reminds me of mine back in late 80s. But I knew mine were fucked up and i got someone in to help me and show me. Unlike you…. You have a train wreck of a grow tent and your giving lessons on how to fuck up a grow. Do you watch the video you take??? Ypu see the plants right…. You see all that 1 leaf shit and 3 leaf shit and those wrinkles in you leaves… Your not blind right??? Well, ypur plants cant even react to the day night cycle…. My plants start to droop an hour before dark and perk up 15 min after on… Yours can't even move or react cause of the poor environmental they have endured. You seriously need to learn to correct every little thing with your plant while its still in veg. You need to let fully formed nice leaves that react within an hour to things…. Pray when dry, relax when humid, droop after heavy water and before bed…. Perks up from droop in no time when they feel it…. And while your getting new nice growth you strip all the mutated and malformed leaves off. And when you cut clones dont cut them so small and from such young a plant. Or you'll regret the weird shit like weird leaf curling and waves and the 1 and 3 leaf shit. If plants were people you would be a child predator….

  2. use smaller pots my dude, those plants aren't nearly big enough for those. also mephisto genetics has the best auto flowers

  3. I don't often comment, but I really enjoy your videos like this, good to see you trying lots of new strains and techniques! Best wishes from Andalucia, Spain.

  4. Brother, I think You Have a Great Experiment Going 👍 Plus the Ones You were taking down Looked Scrumptious .. nom, nom, nom .. lolz 🤣 Looking Forward to More and All I can Say is What Godz Alwayz Sez, Peace, Love, and Hippie Beadz ✌️💚😎

  5. When you say "half veg, half bloom" nute mix, do you follow your brand of nutes instructions or do you scale it back? Thanks in advance. Keep it up, love the content!

  6. Great videos… I’m planning on doing a little 2×2 would the smell stink my room up at flower even if I have a carbon filter?

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