1. ACB needs to get hooked up with a partnership soon or its going back to to $5. Come on, NELSON deal maker wannabe. Let's see something Wall Streets can trade ACB to double digits where it should be selling !!!

  2. AURORA will be the "juggernaut " in the cannabis sector..much like Tesla,Amazon,Apple,Microsoft..etc.. they dominate thier lane! I'm gobbling up as much, up to $10 > 🤑. If Canopy can hit $50+..Aurora ,has more than enough potential to one day in the future ,double to triple that ..🙄🤔.more?

  3. Gibbs your video headlines are very misleading. It could drive subscribers away. You didn’t give any hard opinions like the headline states.

  4. On a technical look at acb chart yield curve is saying 🚀 buying volume is up RSI very low so I’m expecting a short rally and some consolidation with a higher base.🤞

  5. Aurora At full capacity 650,000 kg .yr looking at Annual revenue in the Area of 2.7 billion … As Tony Montana Would say that's "serious money"

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