Aurora Cannabis 2019 Update : Is ACB Still a Buy? (Personal Opinion + FACTS)

Aurora Cannabis 2019 Update : Is ACB Still a Buy? (Personal Opinion + FACTS) What’s up fam, on this channel, we bring you the newest, hottest and most …


  1. Great job Antonio! One thing that stands out to me is the fact that in Aurora Sky they are using robots in their grow rooms. This is such a good thing in that 1. No aisles, therefore more growing space. 2. Very little human contact as the robots do the work instead. This results in mitigating the possibility of plant contamination as the result of humans being around the plants. 3. Far less employees needed to maintain and move the plants. I Love this company!

  2. This is a ridiculously diluted stock. There are 996,550,000 shares outstanding! Lots of luck making money on this stock.

  3. Like Cam said a few months ago. Aurora doesn't necessarily need a big time investor. They are building their own company with the best management team in the industry.
    I have word from a little mouse that they have turned down two deals from coke. I have a friend here in Cincinnati and his dad is head of product development for coke. They have met four times and turned down both deals.
    Since then Aurora has went out and scooped up some very renowned botanist.

  4. Aurora has gone nowhere for the last year and got hit in October. It's never a good sign for a momentum stock but I think the company is one of the few with real lasting power in the cannabis market. Like you said, truly global scale and solid leadership which is something a lot of its competitors are sorely missing. Maybe not as sexy as some of the other cannabis stocks but a good long-term play.

  5. Hello Antonio – Waar staat Nederland (sector) in dit verhaal om nog maar te zwijgen van ons kleine België !!!! – Waar Nederland toch jaren lang de bakermat in Europa was als het om wiet ging. Heb ik nu de indruk dan het hele gebeuren aan hen voorbijgaat en Duitsland hier de poolpositie gaat innemen. Heeft dit vooral met legalisering en wetgeving te maken !!!. Ik ken maar één Nederlandse producenten, nl.: BREROCAN ( en hier rechtstreeks in beleggen kan (dan nog) niet. Onrechtstreeks wel via de wiet-ETF met tracker "HMMJ".
    "Het Veendamse Bedrocan is verbonden aan een van de bedrijven in de wiet-tracker. Het beursgenoteerde Canadese Canopy betaalt Bedrocan voor het gebruik van zijn naam en techniek. In de praktijk heeft het Nederlandse bedrijf weinig tot niets met Canopy te maken. Bedrocan is de enige Nederlandse producent van medicinale wiet. Alle Nederlandse medicinale wiet komt uit Veendam, een deel wordt weer via het ministerie van Volksgezondheid aan het buitenland verkocht."
    Het ga je goed – Belgiumguy🇧🇪

  6. Thank you good video. Dont forget to include the rising expenses the company is experiencing to give a complete picture. I am a shareholder looking to add more to my position.

  7. Bought 600 shares at 6.07 today. Don’t believe in canopy to stupid I think but aurora man these guys seem like they know what they doing

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