1. Wow. Hamilton is a great speaker! I love his video about psilocybin truffles in Amsterdam. Interesting times ahead. Never forget that racist fat f*ck Harry Anslinger! Salute from The Netherlands.

  2. Hamilton had a very peculiar look on his face at the end of that interview and I would love to know why, I'll take a stab in the dark and say that he thought the interview was expected to cover more with a longer duration.

  3. The guy interviewing Hamilton is horrible. He doesn't answer any of Hamilton's questions with any amount of clarity and instead just changes the subject and moves on to his next question for Hamilton.

  4. As a lover of psychedelics, I've never really taken a liking to psilocybin. I've grown them with friends and tried consuming many different ways (lemon tek, smoothies, just eating etc). I just prefer LSD so much more. Also, 4-AcO-DMT is amazing.

  5. It’ll get legalized in the good states. It’ll stay illegal in the shitty states. For goodness sake, they’re banning abortion across the south. No way those bumpkins are legalizing shrooms.

  6. The interviewer is so terrible and kind of all over the place in this and has absolutely nothing to offer. And you can see in Hamilton’s expressions that he notices this too.

  7. They should decriminalize not legalize. Cannabis legalization in Canada didn't work. The point was to stamp out the black market and that didn't work at all. There isn't enough supply, it's mediocre weed, and it's WAY over priced($15/g) for some mid grade vs ($3/g) on the black market, and the black market weed is stronger.

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