American Pie cbd hemp flower from Five Leaf Wellness

This is my review of the CBD hemp flower strain called American Pie. This strain comes from five leaf Wellness If you are under 18, do me a favor, and leave.


  1. Do any of you vape the cartridges? Does it calm the storm (anxiety) and muscle pain the same as CBD flower. New to channel, coming off high THC weed, just started CBD flower the last live. Currently smoking Lifter.

  2. Hey this is a question for anybody that can help me. I’ve smoked a lot of high thc cannabis for a long time but I really want to try cbd. I heard cbd doesn’t get you stoned or anything but I want to find something where I can actually feel something. Please if anybody knows any websites, recommendations or personal favorites I would appreciate it!

  3. LIMOLENE! One of the best terpenes. Caryophyllene and pinene are great, too! That is why cbd OIL sucks compared to cbd flower

  4. just found your channel, and, LOVE it. It's about time we have 0 thc high cbd and turpenes- I'm a chemist, and, have thought about the beauty of such a product…no thc is really needed, unless one has really bad pain. But, for reducing inflammation and relaxing muscles, for the joints, the whole body, cbd flower is mother's milk; it is God's gift. I'm in a non-leagal, med or rec, but, i'm gonna buy it in the mail, soon- 100% legal in the USA! TRUMP USA! Farm bill SHOULD have been presented by congress and signed by POTUS like, forever, especially in the last few decades…PEACE!

  5. If CBD makes you feel so good, doesn’t it have the potential to become addictive? Also, how does it make you “feel good” if it’s not psychoactive?

  6. Man yo videos are so informative but lit as fiiinuck at dah same damn time lol. I'm a new subscriber and been checking you for about a week now bro. Much love from Ohio. I ain't ordered anything yet but from yo reviews I know what I'm bout to order when I do ☮️✌🏿

  7. Bruh you wouldnt believe. Mc Shan live in Douglasville,Ga and he got a pressure washing businessbhe runs from a van. Crazy. I run into him all the time.

  8. What up cut up!! Got my first package today from FLW and I'm impressed!! This sour space candy tastes so good lol can't wait to try out all the other companies. My pain and anxiety has eased away already….Thank you for putting me on to the cbd…#GangGang

  9. @Smoking Legal
    Love the vids bradda👊🏽 entertaining & factual!👌🏽✌🏽, Would you happen to know of any companies that ship to the UK? US CBD green is far superior & so much cheaper from what I have seen in comparison to stuff we have here costs a fortune unless your Rothschild. Just looking for a helping hand ✋🏽👋🏽.
    Any help appreciated🤞🏽🤘🏽
    Keep the reviews coming the community appreciates it!

  10. I have a few questions. Does the .3% thc have any effect on a person? Do you get cotton mouth on hemp ? Do you genuinely get any relief from anxiety or get any relaxing effects from the hemp? If you feel like you can’t drive on thc do you think you could drive on hemp? I have genuinely bad anxiety takes at least 2mg of klonopin to get me right. Will the hemp possibly be a natural way to get off benzos or is it just a placebo effect?

  11. ay can you please review pure relief they sell bud and joints dipped in kief I wanna know what you think because you are the absolute best at reviewing cbd bud.

  12. @smokinglegal
    I'm sure you get this question all too often but please enlighten me with your wisdom.
    What are your top 3 current favorite strains and from where?

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