1. I know an old timer that would put it in a 55 gallon drum and roll it down a hill then pick it up on the quad then do it again. I works then us concert mess to sift it out. It works too for big set ups

  2. Minimal trichomes lost during wet fresh trimming but dry bud u would knock them off. This isn't a method this is a dry method where leaves break off. Trichromes as well. Just trim till u go crossed eyed and pay a trusted friend to help trim if u grow that much.

  3. Much better then the soil kings trim bag. Pull your buds out add your other trim add ice and cold water blend with mixer and dump into your bubble bags. No lose unlike in the fibers of the soil kings mesh bag walls.

  4. I was very sceptical of this method, tried it and… Unbelievable!! If their were any tricomes lost I never noticed. Still very frosty and smokes well! Thanks for the video man, saved me stress and headaches.

  5. The pictures at the end show that this method didn't take off many tricombs at all… Still very pretty. So was it cured before this or just dry and ready to be cured? Lil bit of moisture?

  6. Use a clear plastic bucket so you see when its done then save all the trim for hash pet stores are good for clear buckets its a grill idea thumbs up

  7. The only thing i don't like about this is,Your weed has to be super dry to do it. But if you do follow this hack you can buy 5 gal buckets at Menards for $2.95 save $2 bucks.

  8. At first I didn't like the abuse of the bud but on the other hand why am I spending mega hours trimming lbs of bud that most people don't appreciate all that hard work anyway. I'll give it a try this year and for my personal smoke I'll still do it the hard way by hand man

  9. those 278~ likes is helping ah ton ah people n love the tip.. thumbs up mang.. solid simple tip thatll help thousands 🤘👌

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