Alaskan-Thunder-Fuck Dank Vapes Review 🗻⚡️

Box description : Alaskan thunder Fuck (also referred to as ATF, Matanuska thunder Fuck or Matanuska Tundra) is a legendary Sativa-dominant strain …


  1. The old fake cases and cartridges 🙁 wrong box, wrong tip on the ATF, haven't used mine yet but it has a different tip. You have a Ccell cart, serial number should start with (if it's real) 'C0' and 2 extra numbers following the C0 (C zero btw) but that's why theres a lot of carts floating around now

  2. Picking one up tomorrow. Can’t wait
    Edit: Great vid brother! I just liked and subscribe! Keep it up! Also, do a Review on Godfather OG!

  3. It’s funny cause this foo talking about dank vapes like it’s the best shit on the market 😂 this shit doesn’t even compare to brands like alpine , Treebase Klear 🔥 , plug n play , and raw garden 🔥

  4. I got a quick question…am i the only one that gets that like nauseas headache when it initially hits u but it goes away in a few seconds im just really curious

  5. Real ones come in black boxes and have raised emblems scattered on the box. I know because I’m fucked off my ass rn😂you got a smoke alarm chirping btw

  6. yo bro, just so you know that one is a fake. Real dankvapes on the side of the box will say @dankvapesofficialaccount if you notice yours just says "dankvapesofficial" those are bought on amazon and people fill them. the real company Dank woods uses the @dankvapesofficialaccount. you can also check the cartridge itself for the CA serial. fake ones do not have the serial. just a heads up. Smoke safe brother! we gotta out for each other boys! Also, I have the ATF and its EXTREMELY pine flavored, not much of a bud taste to it at all actually! But keep up the good work on the videos brother, we appreciate good reviews!

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