1. I'm in awe of his brilliance ~ and his irresistible sense of humor. And his sparkling, all-knowing eyes. 🙂 Thanks for posting !!!

  2. All this is very nice and everything. But, wtf is up with the backdrop??? It looks like skin or a tortilla or something and makes me feel a bit queasy.

  3. Sure, Romanticism perpetuated some awful human myths, but to speak in hyperbole about its evils while ignoring capitalism, to which Romanticism desperately responds after the failures of humanism, is just dumb. Generally, he is smart-is, but that part is super dumb.

  4. The funny part watching this, is that I am imagining and pondering how my relationship would be romantic 😂😂😂

  5. What's about families, sadistic clans, islamic and primitiv tribes, which will use and abuse their own children to the deathcareindustry and to the violent mob, which is that of hooligans and criminels, sadists being judges, medicals and nothing but robberers and damagers of organs, brutals and eager to hunt, chase and terrorise animals and humanbeings also, which are already sick and tired of this brutal criminels, sadists, primitivs, warcriminels, Islamists, torturers of animals and humanbeings surrounding in their organised robbery, warpropaganda and terror, for those outside are mostly primitivs, who don't care for anybody but themselves and not even their chikdren, which nobody normal may force to tolerate clansadism, islamism and primitivitism in stoneageobsession, warobsession and in their fight for more of, sadism, brutality, injustice and war, as if peace had to be shot out and forced out of this planet earth.

  6. I understand this, however is it really good to remove that romanticism from ones life? Or do we fall to nihilism such as what Alan de Botton is stating? Again I understand the need to avoid romanticism is some cases but being a romantic cures that nihilistic view point on life that is fed by psychoanalysts such as niche.

  7. This dude is something called a delusional academic. He overly simplifies the cultural movements to suit his predetermined thesis. Granted, Romanticism did roughly start during the mid 18th century, but it did not define our idea of love, marriage, monogamy and sex as we know it today. A very clear and blatant example of this is Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet (16th century). There are other eastern philosophy literature talking about the cohesion of love and sex and marriage in the Hindu scriptures (aka Kama sutra) and also in Islamic Literature. – This dude is full of shit.

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