ACT's cannabis legalisation about ‘minimising harm’

ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr says the capital territory’s move to legalise cannabis is about treating “a health issue” and “keeping people out of our criminal …


  1. Absolute Bullshit !!! Look toward Canada and the US oh and the rest of the world.
    Are Australians somehow different do we have reactions to cannabis that the rest of the world doesn’t this is only propaganda and bullshit

  2. U agree with the legalization , BUT the potencies need to be widespread. Not all of it needs to be crazy high thc content. Lower levels would be better for some. Trust me I know. Not everyone wants there heads blown off .

  3. funny how they say save police resources, reason is if they catch drugs government don't make money but they do make money if they catch you driving 1 km over the limits. police was form to fight crimes not to make money for governments, bit by bit government becoming just to make money of people not to make people lives better

  4. Legalise drugs and regulate and tax them. Lower my taxes and make the idiots who want to screw their brains up put some coin in the system.

  5. that's nice. when is this being rolled out to the other 95% of the population. you know the people that dont live/work in Canberra.

  6. Congratulations Sky for presenting a topic that didn't require an attack on the ABC! I was really worried if the ABC was to disappear you mob would have no thing to talk about. Funny the ABC doesn't need Sky to function at all, but Sky NEEDS THE ABC for 98% of content!

  7. You. We! Have been groomed to believe there are bigger problems today because you take for granted the food on your table. All food comes with an element of fossil fuels! That is also the case for industry and commerce. There is no alternative energy replacement. The Zero fossil fuels project is a globalist sentence for YOU, us to mass starvation for their depopulation agenda. You won’t be an observer. Peer review study reveals. Three climate changes last century and greenhouse gases were present. (Sun spots control earth’ climate). Historical geo studies reveal that the earth is co2 Impoverished. (Don’t shoot the messenger. Start a Collective to partition parliament to withdraw from the Paris climate accord).

  8. Good move. It used to be so in Adelaide prior to the "War on Drugs" led by the wacko UNITED STATES world wide poppy grab and that created hysteria and paranoia regards all drugs, BUT alcohol which is by far the most dangerous drug abused world wide is promoted unquestioned, taxes maybe???. Only an amateur drug user, be that alcohol or weed gets them self into trouble. As all drugs do they emphasize what is the truth of the user, sports stars who use as a performance enhancing element to training for example don't have the same negative mental side affects as those who entertain porn and violent movies and are in all cases mindless and undisciplined in every way shape and form, fact. The herb is good if the user is sane to start with and purposefully uses the drug no different to codeine or a occasional whiskey, all things in moderation. Ok, so to the real issue, how many now can I put in my back yard?

  9. All drugs should be de-criminalized, I mean who the hell is anyone to tell me I what I can and can't put in my body. That being said. If I could buy pot, like I could buy alcohol from a bottle shop. I would, 100%!

  10. Legalize in QLD you weak F wits, Alcohol is way more dangerous but you love the tax money, Tobacco kills more people, but you love the tax money…… Sell it in bottle shops and sex shops, make some rules like you do with Alcohol and make billions of tax dollars for the country, it will stop drug dealers, the police will have more time on their hands for real crimes.

  11. One law for Canberra hippocracy for the rest NSW wants to murder babies for stem cell body parts tis not a joint that is dangerous but our politicians

  12. Pot is just like McDonald' s. It's never the same as in the poster and is blamed for the World's ills; but it certainly has it's time and place.

  13. On a bright note it is another alternative to buying a politician….
    Gifted electricals, brown paper bags full of money, property investment, child care subsidiaries, helicopter rides or taxpayer funded flights to buy property on the Gold coast, grasslands and now a bag of pot can buy you political favours …🤔

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