ACT legalises personal marijuana use

In an Australian first, the Australian Capital Territory parliament has passed a bill to legalise the personal use and cultivation of cannabis.


  1. First thing I would be asking is what dodgy proposal is “government” trying to make law elsewhere??? Bread and mofo circus people 🤡
    This government is fkn unbelievable.
    SOOOO MUCH evidence of criminal conspiracy. We ALL see it but we are forced to watch this train wreck because massive global corporations have completely infiltrated and corrupted our government and taken our voice.
    😡🤮😡🤮😡🤮😡Patriots need to take action NOW! Start by getting your money out of the banks ASAP.

  2. That's two shady cops I've had the ….misfortune of meeting ….the creepy peso cop! And the Stoner Cop……nothing surprises me anymore

  3. I'm not surprised… first experience was smoking my friends dad's stash…..he was a policeman by the way ….best cheese sandwich I ever had! I never wanted a cheese sandwich so bad …I then marvelled at her bedroom walls covered in Graffiti….haha cops will not be happy…..ohhhh they might have to focus on the ICE epidemic in our country rather than revenue from the poor stoners who just want to mellow out after work…….like my friend's dad ,the POLICEMAN…….pathetic

  4. Oh this makes me FURIOUS! I have ranted against marijuana for 20 years, writing thousands of comments, tons of blogs, even a BOOK about why we shouldn't smoke pot! Haven't these people read a thing I have written? And I have clearly shown why pot should be ILLEGAL forever, with VERY STIFF PENALTIES! It is not because of marijuana itself, but because of the PEOPLE who use and defend it! There is no way we should ever want these people walking around actually USING a mind-altering drug! Pot smokers are just HORRIBLE!

  5. It's a State Law , Federal Police will play no part in anything . State Law is enforced by State Police. Federal Police arrest Drug Smugglers bringing Millions of Dollars worth of Drugs into Australia . They are not there to arrest some dope smoker with 2 joints in his pocket . They don't do it now , this law won't effect the Federal Police whatsoever . It's nonsense to suggest otherwise . It may as well be legal . Even State Police don't bother arresting you for a joint or 2 . What's the point ? They waste their time and resources for a possession conviction that usually gets a warning and a $ 50 fine from the Court .

  6. Wow, Labour goons are actually making some sense for once. I think thats the first time RDN has ever said anything that checked out for me.

  7. "it's gonna cause the police force trouble" WTF it's going to save them massive amounts of time and resources not enforcing petty laws against stoners

  8. What about the rest of the country….so its not a crime where POLITICAL MEMBERS live… but it is 2hrs away from the ACT….everyone should have the same right not just one special place in NSW

  9. If someone grows two plants, each with 150g of flower buds, how does the 50g limit apply? If a plant takes 4 months to grow? So many questions.

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