1. The only "problems" is that we have a dishonest government that uses organizations (puppets) to paint a false picture of cannabis. Thank god our prime minister isn't Jim Jones, otherwise all the idiots that voted in this government would happily drink the kool aid without a thought.

  2. The federal government(the one that all those dickheads just voted back in) should be doing their job and dealing with this in a similar manner to canada just has.this war on cannabis is a war on people, everyday Aussie people exercising their right of choice it's a war on farmers that that could be growing hemp it's a war on medical research into cannabis held back for over 50 years and is a human rights crime covered in corruption and idiotic government policies.The federal greens have prepared a bill that they plan to introduce that covers all this but I can guarantee that our dumb fuck Government ignore it entirely . There needs to be large civil protest around the country making noise and in their faces to get the ball rolling on this I'm afraid.

  3. When they talk about commonwealth laws, do they realise Canada is also part of the commonwealth, so that would be a no brainer to see that the commonwealth are staying out of this. Like I’ve heard and read previously, this is a state matter and in order for legalisation to happen we need state approval first.

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