1. ACB is going to explode if cannabis becomes legal… If not, then they're over extending themselves. Buy their stock if you think it will be legalized within the next 2 years.

  2. I get scared and sell acb when it drops and then buy when it starts going back up scared it will get too expensive to buy. I'm glad I sold tilray at 80. Figured it was over priced. Planet 13 is not going real high. Buy acb and sit on it

  3. Also because of no joint ventures like Tilray and Canopy who joined with other companies such as Constellation ,this could also be hurting them IMO ,but with that said when it does happen, then where does that put ACB ? Nelson has some work ahead of him for sure. With ACB stock relatively low and no joint ventures as of yet ,and the U.S. on the verge of legalizing cannabis for recreational use. Why not ? ACB making risky moves, but still one of the top three given size.

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