1. Hi there i know this is of topic but i live in NJ and we only have medical marijuana out here. Well i buy shatter from a friend and my new batch tasted great. About 15 minutes later i had a funny taste in my mouth and started to feel real sick. It lasted for about a hour and i thought i was going to go to the hospital. My question to you is how can i prevent this from happening again or is it the cleaner i just started using . Dark crystal cleaner. It almost felt like i was tripping in a bad way. Maybe you know someone who this happened to. Thanks

  2. I love your energy bub , stoked that you skateboard too. Keep up the good work and of course keep pushing that skateboard, ☮️

  3. I love that you're free! Maybe one day I can live like that. For now, I 'm stuck in a 30 yr mortgage in the bible belt (southeast USA). Still have dry counties here after almost a hundred years after prohibition ended and closed minds. I feel so oppressed. Legalization can't come fast enough!

  4. Steel pan and you skate? 😰 I've fallen out of lust and in love! Love your videos. 46 yr old Dad skater and grower. Real recognize real. Bruce Banner flower and hash…think I hit 29%!

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