1. Charlotte's Web, thanks for the clip, best wishes mate hope your daughters now ok. The CW CBD oil guys deserve a Nobel Prize for what they've done in making their strain of plant/product, as it is they are hitting road blocks all over the world.

  2. I work in a depo and I love when I see medical patients and not just people there to get high. I never rush my medical patients. The other crack heads I can’t wait to scoot out.

  3. Promising, didn't enjoy waking up covered in my own blood. Literally. Wish there was acceptable healthcare for someone like me. Instead, Stanford prison experiment. Not cool. Yeah, that's gonna result in significant distrust. It's was only while pregnant or recovering from my fracture that I received any thoughtfulness while in medical care. Literally.

    Meanwhile, something as simple as CBD oil could have helped so many had it not been literally demonized as some kind of horror.

    Uh, no. I didn't even use it myself until very recently. Haloperidol sucks ass. Been there, done that. Consider it psychological torture. Lawsuit material. I shit you not. The drugs they test on children isn't ethical. Adults are abundantly aware of this fact. They choose to dump that substance upon anyone they deem evil. It's result is terror while awake, at all times. Literally, it's my medical condition currently. Complex PTSD never leaves the back of my mind. That's not paranoia, it's shitty childhood memories. Some of those memories also entail jokingly suffocating your firestorm. Memories. She was over 500 pounds. I was maybe fifty to sixty pounds.

    CBD has potential for ethical applications in tangible and mental healthcare. Unfortunately, so many in society have deemed marijuana as religiously sacrilegious. Even in confirmed cancer cases. So many issues while contemplating how to navigate to better care overall.

  4. Sounds a lot like Charlotte Figgy.
    There is so much proof that cannabis oil works and yet so many politicians still want to keep medical cannabis illegal.
    I think those politicians need to be jailed for keeping a much needed treatment out of reach.

  5. Narrator: " It's not a magical mixture …" Constant epileptic activity and no big pharma drug helps, but cbd does. Looks like magical to me.

  6. This is why big pharma don't want a cure for diseases.if a person is cured,they lose a customer.if a person is suffering,they have a customer.its all about money.

  7. Just saw this video. Now it’s 2019 and Canada has full federal legalization, and now they have access to oils and other concentrates and topicals. Dope

  8. This is what big Pharma is trying to combat, as well as the for profit prisons. Why? Because they both loose money.

    The jails, if it's legalized will loose inmates to fill their coffers and pockets, and the pharmaceutical companies loose money in loss of (addictive and many times dangerous) drug sales.

    They are willing to let a product that works out of the hands of the sick. Just so they can continue to lock up young men for small marjuanna possession charges with huge sentences.
    And make an extra billion a year on drugs the do more harm than good.

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