A Little About Weed-"Reefer Madness" The Upcoming "Union Survey" ( prologue)

One of my first comments told me to stick to what I know and I am finally getting around to that. My survey of electro-statics and ultraviolet rays lead me off to the …


  1. I will back this 100% CBD oil is the only form of medicine I can have now. Terminal with radiation overdose as didn't clock all the scans and x-rays, no tablets as they make me bleed internally. Weed all the way

  2. I use it in pill form for my back pain when it gets really bad. It works better than the MS Contin that I have been on for the last 20 years. I do not need to take as much Contin now. It is legal here in Canada. You can purchase it in the Pub/Liquor stores now. I still get mine through the GP but I think that is about to change. It is cheaper in the cannabis stores now. These pills really work. It's no wonder it is illegal in most countries, because it really works and cuts into big pharma's pocket. Cheers all!

  3. They stop using marijuana to make cloth to manufacture clothes because the material takes forever to wear out even when exposed to sea water…

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