A Lifetime of Opportunity: NASA Mars Rover Completes Its Mission (news briefing)

NASA announces “mission complete” for its Mars Exploration Rover (MER) Opportunity in a media briefing at 11 a.m. PST (2 p.m. EST) Wednesday, Feb.


  1. Remember JPL was founded by Jack Parsons….Satanist who was friends with Aleister Crowley and did all kinds of weird stuff….trying to summon and breed with demons…..Dont believe ANYTHING from JPL or NASA!! NASA's logo has the devil's forked tongue right in the logo!!!!!

  2. I have really enjoyed the whole video, i salute the people involved in the missions, really it would be great feeling to have humans there on the red planet.

  3. Too bad NASA/JPL seem incapable of making a decent 1-2-hour documentary actually showing the highlights of the MER missions and more images instead of these panel discussions or me manually having to go through a zillion raw images on your website. You owe it to the taxpayers who pay for these missions. If you can't do that, then maybe you hot-shot scientists ought to get your funding from somewhere else.

  4. Dumb question. What if solar panels were made so they could be raised vertical and vibrate when covered
    by dust. I'm sure someone thought about it. Just had to ask.

  5. You guys haven't figured out how to block radiation from traveling through space so you have to lie about everything and we know the Mars rover is actually on a desert remote island in Canada thanks for lying NASA and taking our money

  6. What an amazing little trooper, what an amazing journey. Huge congratulations to the team behind it, you did humanity proud.

  7. I just wish to add to my first comment that the Spirit Rover too will always have a special place in Mars and Space Exploration
    History. Since its mission ended in 2010, the last year when it was in contact with Earth, the achievement of its sister Rover
    In lasting for another 8 years and the discoveries it has made in that time have meant that the achievements of Spirit have
    Tended to be, if not forgotten, then at least overlooked. But the Spirit Rover too has achieved so much, and done so much more
    Than the original mission plan had envisaged. Now both Rovers can remain in their last resting places on Mars, their work done
    And a thoroughly earned place in the history books. Let them remain on Mars for ever more, on a world they were designed to explore.
    Goodbye Opportunity and Spirit, and thank you for your tremendous work and accomplishments over the years since their launch and
    Landing. I feel, like the scientists and engineers themselves, so sad but also so very proud of both vehicles.

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