A Day at Canada’s First Weed Curling Tournament

Do weed and curling mix? Manisha Krishnan sets off to Wiarton, Ontario to find out. Despite legalization, many in this tiny town still hold conservative views when …


  1. みんな酒飲みながらだとめちゃくちゃで試合にならないと思うけどマリファナだったらこんな事も出来ちゃうよね。平和的だし。ほんといい国だな〜。

  2. You can't roll joints on the table because someone might be allergic in a room full of people with pocketful welcome to kanadia

  3. guest: can i have a recreational beer please?
    waiter sure you can have a recreational beer in this recreational facility"
    guest: great! can i have recreational cannabis here?
    waiter: ohh no you can't take that recreational cannabis on the property of this recreational building during this recreational event but you can go do it on someones front lawn across the street

    stupid laws from stupid people… is it legal or is it not?

  4. By I hang out in my shed all the time smokin bongs! Like when I’m not at work, I’m smokin in the shed. Let me join team shed!!

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