1. Hey ya'll! Just wanted to say this is a unique behind the scenes view, from the patient perspective, this is a very comfortable experience. I slept most of the time and I didn’t see any blood at all during the procedure because everything was happening outside my view. The numbing was slightly uncomfortable, but after that, everything was completely numb and fine (which is what you would want).

    Thank you Dr. Sean and his team for being very accommodating, professional, and sweet! Hope you're as excited as I am to see results in a year! – Kane

  2. Okay so does balding have a feeling to it the process? My hair is falling out, thinning, but not receding. It also has this awful itching to it and my scalp is sensitive. Idk maybe I’m just balding but it sucks cause no one in my family is bald and I’m over here losing my hair like there’s no tomorrow. 😕

  3. I feel like you have a form of non-scaring hair loss this being Androgenetic alopecia, which means your hair follicles can always regrow hair, where terminal hairs permanently become vellus hair if left untreated. My understanding is that a transplant is a form of treatment which is meant to replace your existing hair, in this case, this being vellus hair, the same could be accomplished with help Rogain where hairs are taken from the vellus phase to the terminal phase however requires patients, where a hair transplant is meant to be a permanent solution, Rogain is an ongoing treatment.

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