88% of Presidents Didn鈥檛 Have the Power You Have in Your Pocket | Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote 2019

Gary gave an incredible keynote on May 16th in Singapore at Success Resources. He spoke about the rise of audio content, the 4 essentials for great …


  1. I have been attempting to build a brand over the last 2 years on Youtube. I have yet to actually build a business around it and start selling anything. The audience is building, the people are coming and I have nothing more to provide than my gaming tutorials and entertainment. Value first and I will figure out what to sell later.

  2. Team Gary is the shit what up guys…..Gary Vee what the fuck is up my man? I want this mascot job when you buy the jets. You have no idea what that will accomplish like literally will solve and complete my two life goals yet reached it will complete my egos life goals and yea #gottadowhatigottadowhenigottadoit

  3. What if you see the individual is wrong and delusional?

    A lot of people lie and hustle with no experience. That's the problem these days.

  4. What about ebay's buyer protection allowing people to legitimately steal from you and there is nothing you can do about it. Someone can order anything, like a $330 cotton candy machine, and then wait 13 days and return, but you've either spent the money or didnt expect them to return it. They can literally keep it, they dont have to prove to ebay they sent it, only prove they printed a shipping label. so does that mean I suck? because I got scammed? dont say it wouldnt happen to you because nobody knows about it. wow, that must mean I suck, even though I have things that sell 3 times a day for $300 a pop, but you take a couple of big licks, like $330, $5000, $1200, you're done. there is nothing the platforms will do for you, shopify amazon ebay, all the same, be careful when dropshipping like he recommends you can make 500k a year. yeah maybe, if you arent getting ripped for 5k here and there, not to mention taxes, it comes out directly and seller fees, you arent clearing everything you make.

  5. Garyvee you are men, your words is full of inspiration and motivation you have inspired me alot, because of it i open a YouTube channel for my comedy

  6. Im probably the less emotive guy on earth and I had tears when I heard the lady who lost her husband and had to take care of the company. I wasnt sad, I was proud of her!!

  7. Gary this is me again I鈥檝e literally been doing everything you say 11 coming out tons of content every day for the past two years probably 100 pieces a day on Instagram Facebook Twitter Instagram messaging you name it I鈥檓 there Google ad words YouTube and now I鈥檓 just not getting the engagement in the likes that I need to have on Instagram to be able to have a sofa proof to get more DJ gigs I鈥檓 up against other DJs who are getting thousands of used hundreds of comments hundreds of likes whereas after the algorithm shit on Instagram now I鈥檓 like it like 4050 likes was before I was at like three or 400 and I feel like people see that and it diminishes my billet he to actually get brought in Dj Can you offer any words of advice to me somehow turn around my Instagram game to get back into the serious growth I was at to get back to the social proof that are used to have of using your techniques that seem to have so how about fizzled out in the like and comment on Instagram game but I鈥檓 a big fan thanks brother

  8. This is the Best Marijuana Documentary I've ever seen. It explains why it became illegal. It reveals everything from the past, present and future on this ancient plant. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mT_5yDEY58Y

    Did you know it appears the Bible supports the use of Marijuana? It seems that way by how it鈥檚 written down in scripture. Where at? Genesis 1:12, Genesis 1:29-31, Genesis 9:3, Zechariah 10:1, Ezekiel 34:29, Isaiah 18:4-5, Psalm 104:14 and Revelation 22:1-2. No, I didn't get these verses from this video documentary.

    And for your information that Youtube video has already gotten shut down twice on Youtube for sharing The Truth on this topic. I've seen this video get a little over 3 million views before it got "Censored" again, meaning went away.

  9. Yo Just posted this on my facebook page. Being true to yourself and not being an expert in everything you talk about was sooooo refreshing and also eases the pressure of posting. I am taking the #GaryVeeChallenge, lol I started my own in terms of going super hard in posting content. So dope, so needed. Thanks!!!!

  10. I leave him for a while but I always return, he never fails to awake in me the right thing to do . His truth is haunting, but his strength is compassionate and it keeps me coming back to him, if you need a moral business compass this man is the source in its purest form. He is both pain and pleasure you need courage and patience to listen and absorb and then you get to be taken to places no one else will. ever take you in business.

  11. I was practicing woodburning while listening to this. And I was documenting if. Then my camera ran out of space. And I got distracted by the comments. Ttfn.

  12. Man again with the whole school experience you had, same here! I didnt read one single book till I started reading self help and those books never got read cover to cover, but enough to help! Then tapes, cds, streaming and now youtube Gary Vee lol seriously if you taught a child everything you teach they would be successfull obviously we all need to know how to read and write we have everything for that in tech!

  13. Hey Gary I am a 16 year old teenager. I wanted to know if I can come work for you for free for a few weeks? I would really appreciate it.

  14. Hey Gary!
    I think Nepal needs you. What would have to do to get you here ??
    My name is bishnu bastola working as sales manager of the internet company…

  15. Gary I'm glad that you have the passion and drive for what you do. You have helped changed my mind set when working with others on growing a team!
    Thank you!

  16. Unreal… Gary everything you say is the truth whether I like it or not. You are the Gaur Gopal Das of e-commerce. I started an online business 3 years ago and 4 months ago was able to quit my shitty job because of it. I make less money now but I鈥檓 100% HAPPY. If you have a chance check me out sobermode.com ! 鉁岋笍鉂わ笍

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