8 Ways to Market Your CBD Business OFFLINE (Retail, Locally)

Let me share with you some creative ideas that can help you market your CBD business offline or locally. Offline meaning outside of building a website & outside …


  1. I love my CBD business. Always have samples to give people wherever you go and be ready to sell on the spot!

  2. If I sell my products to a pain clinic, and they in turn sell them to patients, how can they do merchant processing? If selling CBD keeps me from working with most of the popular merchant processors, won't they have the same problem?

  3. I can honestly say I've watched most if not all of your Videos Sir. Todd and I continue to rewatch them all! lets GROW!

  4. $300-$400 a month for a kiosk? Where is that? I never found one lower than $1500 a month and that was on the lowest season.

  5. Agreed! Local partnerships in the retail market seem to have the best traction. However, the wholesale distributor program doesn’t really offer me leverage when the retail owner(s) can go on your website and sign up for the same account as me.

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