6 SUMMER FAVORITES // My Top CBD, Skin, Hair, Fragrance & Sleep Products

My favorite scents of summer, a shampoo that delivers beach waves, CBD products that help me sleep, a tinted moisturizer that actually looks amazing, a face …


  1. THANKS FOR SHARING! love that you value sleep!! I can't get any z's since Menopause but love CBD oils. I need to try your products!

  2. Very nice video, thank you I really enjoyed it! One thing – for the sunscreen, you need approximately (depending on the size of your face) at least .25 of a teaspoon of sunscreen on your face to make it effective. So, just a thought, you may not want to tell people to use it sparingly. That's just a waste of time and product, and especially if you're using Retin-A, you really need to be using the required amount of sunscreen daily. Again, thanks for the video, love the products you showed, and am going to take a lopk, especially the candles and the cbd oil products.

  3. Omg! Need way more of that spf to get the 50 protection. Especially if using Cureology actives, or you'll make more pigmentation, sunspots & damage!!! Here's to great skin health!😊

  4. Love LOVE this vlog! Thanks so much for the super informative procedures and products! I am today going to get the treehouse candles-rose handwash..cureology and perfume! Excited!! You're the BEST! HAPPY SUMMER friend! 💛💛

  5. Thank you for sharing your summer favorites!! Luv CBD oils.. btw.. what are the color of your walls? Luv the gray colors. We’re going to start looking for colors for our walls at home. Ty!

  6. Thanks for sharing! Please reconsider your CBD business plans. The FDA is holding a hearing to further investigate the effects of CBD in products after having reports of negative side effects from many people. I would hate for you to to spend lots of time, energy, & money only to find out it your products had to be recalled, etc. So do your research and find out what the legal ramifications are in association with CBD products. Good luck🙂

  7. To get the spf on the label you have to use a full 1/4 tsp on your face so using it sparingly won’t get you spf 50. That being said, I’m ordering that Avène to try.

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