5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Hemp Seeds That Can Change Your Life

Hemp seeds are the seeds of the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa. Hemp seeds are exceptionally nutritious and rich in healthy fats, protein and various minerals.


  1. India knew the benefits of hemp n it's seeds and all. Was largely used in ayurveda medicines. Other Scientists do * research* now. But in India it was done by sages many 1000 yrs ago. Britishers put a ban on it and now it's grown all over the world but not in India!! Sad story.

  2. I'm old enough to remember when hemp seeds were added to bird food . We had high grade marijuana growing around the house back in the 60s' .
    By all means -> The world needs more hemp seeds .

  3. great info thanks for helping spread the goodness of what even just the hemp seed can bring! i think it would b good to also inform everyone that the hemp seed oil is very different than the hemp flower oil.

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