1. You've built a tremendous garden man, excellent work. They're so interesting side by side like that, as it highlights their differences. Great work!

  2. Good job there video guy , gardens on point bud keep up the good work stay blessed hope you feel better 👊👊💯💯

  3. Looking good brother real nice work..
    Get better soon and thanks for your buddy doing the video for you..
    Much love and appreciation from Da Homie Gnomie.
    Stay Blessed and Baked..

  4. I'm feeling you my friend. We are stronger together.Much love and good Karma sent your way! God Bless. Camera work was excellent.✌🙏🌿👍

  5. Hey growmie in sorry to hear your not feeling so great you seem like a real nice guy im sorry for your troubles, on the up side your garden looks great as always brother's keep up the awesome work much love to you and yours from Minnesota✌🤙💚

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