2019 outdoor cannabis grow.Update #8 Aug 10, 2019 Canadian Girl Grower. GingaSnapz #420 #IRL 😉😉

As always thank you so much watching. It means the world to me. IF INTERESTED IN SUPPORTING ME OR DONATING TO MY MEDICAL GROW FOR …


  1. 🐞🌷💨💨💖✌👍👌👊🐞🌷🌹💨💨

  2. Now now gingasnaps my sista I know you are BS me!!! Who are you really? Your shit is to nice for you to act like you can't grow BRO!LOL Much Love sis!!!

  3. It's beautiful there Gingasnapz. Your garden looks so nice. You are going to have a great harvest with how big and healthy girls. Peace and growers 💘

  4. Beautiful Garden, Couldn't grow this year, aww. Only bad thing abt NY.. Not legalized.. Nice Outdoor Grow 👍 💨🤗💨. 🌿💚🌿

    Ur flowers are pretty, aww kitty.. 😀
    Have a Beautiful Relaxing Day. Ur Cat is A Sweetie, aww

  5. wow u gonna have to call the fire brigade with their ladders to help u with them ones there Ginga, they reaching for the skies 🤣😁🤣❤✌

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