1. Thank you for sharing this Brother in Christ and Thank God this is confirmation for me to hear people who know what i know in my heart is true. The Lord showed me this personally this is a gateway to demonic oppression and ultimately possession. I met the devil i wanted to kill myself then I cried out Lord I cried out to him if you are real I will serve you He reveled himself to me that day not a word of a lie he said my name and he said now u know I actually saw him as a man in a white robe glowing like an orb and he spoke to me telepathically. No joke. No hullicination. I felt love and peace moments before I was in agony wanting to kill myself when he spoke to me total peace came over me. I have THE BEST TESTIMONY THANK YOU LORD🙏And since then I've been getting downloads from above like hes educating me and reveling more n more everyday. If u smoke this shit you open yourself up to demons doing these rituals u actually pay people to drink this concoction which is by the way u are then in agreement they have full rights to be in your mind to make u confused and destroy your peace. God restored my mind I'm in total peace now no one can take that from me. Thank the Lord. And thanks again Brother for sharing God bless you🙏

  2. People in my Building called the cops because they heard me smashing shit going wild put my head through the window didn't feel any of it. My Knuckles are badly bruised bloody thee only reason why is Because i didn't have my modern medicine Cannabis …. why do we worship this drug even appose to going back to it every now & Then ……. 15 years stuck with this problem … i Remember when my mother called the cops on me n i fought them got tasered but never felt it they were gonna put Holes in me until i started venting slowly got off got arrested …. My Demons Have reached a Limit of possibilities …. ps my Demons Hate Females i still have nightmares every day sometimes i wake up n can t Move (sleep paralysis) When i go to church or people try to invite me in…. I just get angry inside n leave … my mind is always on the leaf….

  3. My dad smoke weed instead of drinking. His an alcohólic and the doctors said it was better to smoke weed than drinking. I've told him many times he should not smoke bc he invites demons but I don't think he understands. Will continue praying for him and people struggling with this addiction. Keep faith in Jesús. God bless you for this video! Really helpful

  4. Last year I ate brownie of weed, I felt fine at the beginning, but I begun to sing to God, praising him. Then, I felt like something inside myself wanted to take control of me. Then I put down my knees and begin to pray, I smelled stranged, I saw diferent figures of colors and I shout like and animal, I was scared, finally I vomited, because I did not stop praying, and it stopped for that night.

  5. Wow.. Please brother PLEASE pray for me to stop smoking cannabis. I am a born again Christian but have difficulty stopping bad habits. Love you brother, will pray for you aswell!

  6. Amen praise God I believe all that what Brother Carlos said about how you can invite demons in you Glory be to his holy name I give you all the praises Lord Jesus Amen

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