100 LBS In 100 Days Water Fasting

Steven lost nearly 100 lbs in 100 days of fasting!! WoW Steven’s Info www.cbdhealth.industries link to Steve’s podcast …


  1. If you follow the Bible it tells you how to eat. They only ate fatted calves on special occasions. And in the Book of Daniel they talked about the importance of occasionally giving yourself a break and going full vegan no fat no sweets just pulses which I guess is like lentils and vegetables. And there was also a chapter when they were walking through the desert and they were given I guess I forgot what it was called but it was special food from God. And they were complaining and complaining about meat give us meat give us meat and God gave them so many birds that some of them smothered under the birds and the other ones ate until they puked. so I guess you can take from that that the Bible says you can have a little meat but mostly vegetables is what keeps you clean and healthy. so I guess the diet that's probably more aligned is maybe a Mediterranean if you wanted to still do a little meat but mostly fish with an occasional egg tossed in

  2. There was a lot going on in this interview…Chris was more than gracious to let him go live showing the interview b4 Chris could put it up🤨, promote his own FB group, as well as promote his products. I don't like that he said he published an article about a milestone that he had not met yet. That speaks to integrity…I think that he is trying to monetize every drip drop out of his experience and it comes across as not genuine. There were other parts in the interview that did come across well like when he talked about the support of the group but the latter just makes me question if he is just saying what he thinks people wanted to hear.

  3. I think it’s really good he was able to do that, and great for him. But realistically I think for most general ppl I got a bit more motivation from the siblings and could relate more to them. Not disregarding this story at all, it’s still highly inspirational, i just think it was just a tiny bit too rigid. But! … well done for him 👍

  4. This seems amazing and I have a few pounds to shed but my concern is with loss of hair. How do I prevent hair loss while shedding pounds?

  5. I love his experience – I think everyone's body has its own healthy space (weight, energy, metabolism etc) It seems Fasting helps you reset and find it…

  6. Hey Chris!

    I just completed a three day water fast, a full 72 hours. When I woke up on the 3rd morning I felt super weak. I read to take electrolytes but I remember you and your friend saying not to drink salt water. Would the weak feeling eventually pass? I want to fast long term but still need to work and move .

    Thank you for sharing you knowledge and your help with my question!

  7. I always had a hard time with water fasting. Dey fasting has always been easier for me. I have no idea why though.

  8. I found this to be an interesting approach… At first I was totally confused as I thought he had water-only fasted for the whole 100 consecutive days…. His approach to intermittent fasting is unique and wow… it worked for him… so I really applaud him for the amazing commitment to go all the way…. Everyone needs to find their own way to health…

  9. I've been fasting for 10 days is throwing up a bad thing I've threw 4 times it was yellow and the 4th one was a brown color should I stop the fast or should I not be worried about it and continue I feels like I am fine but the throwing up scares the hell out of me

  10. Wow, that is awesome!!!! I just completed a 5 day dry fast tonight. Down 16.2 lbs so far. I'm Transitioning into a water fast now. Not sure how long I'll actually go. Watching AHA for motivation.

  11. Yes….moderation is the key. and change how we eat. DrBerg, Drfung, and DrBoz helped me lose 60# as well. I will lose 40 more. Congrats to you and keep up the great work.

  12. lol you can tell the host is getting bored of this guy's mono-tone, long winded, rhetoric. Ive never had a more difficult time listening to anyone than this guy lol…no offense.

    Great job on the weight loss though

  13. Wow! Sooo Great! It takes lots of discipline/willPower… I've done 12 before, but haven't been able to in a while. I tried today… only lasted till @2pm. Tomorrow again… won't quit!!Plz pray for me😩😥🤗

  14. This guy reminds me of my mother. That is, by no means, an insult. My mother is entirely the sort of person who takes up a challenge, runs with it, and, gets it done. 30 year mortgage? She'll get it paid off in 5-10. Pre-diabetic with 100 lbs. to lose, doctor says try to lose at least 25 in a year? She loses 100 lbs in less than 6 months. Not even fasting or doing anything super terrific, except, actually following the recommendations of the diabetic diet without addition, subtraction, stress or fear.

    I'm trying to learn to think more like her. She is far more selfish than I am and has a much easier time saying no to others, even being downright mean if they confront her with chocolate. And, as a result, she has never been anywhere near that fat, again, even though it has been decades and even though she never stopped eating grains, sugar, meat, etc. For her, it is all about not eating too much, eating at least some healthy and saying no, when no needs to be said.

    I'm glad to have seen this video, because, it is very inspirational. And, it reminded me about what my mom did, a long time ago.

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