10 Reasons You Should Grow Cannabis from Urban Farmer Curtis Stone & Me

John from visits the urban gardener Curtis Stone in Kelowna, British Columbia Canada to share with you 10 reasons you …


  1. Thanks for a great episode and promo deal for From the Field. The promo code in the show notes is misspelled however. It's missing an "r" in "your"

  2. HAHAHA! You where so excited about this episode when I was talking with you John, I see why! lol what's with Curtis's glasses is he hiding some red eyes? =D, I had no idea you could eat the leafs and so much more! CURTIS I had no idea you where a 420 guy! Love the shirts and congrats on #2 Curtis! Absolutely my favorite video of you both, i loved it! THANKS John for your talk at the heirloom expo, I was beginning to be burnt out on gardening and you completely refocused me on high quality food for my family. Time to grow some more Goji's and now you got me thinking a cannabis plant =)

  3. You’re definitely my favourite YouTuber right now! Thanks for all the information you’re sharing, the format you share it, and your amazing nature as a human being

  4. For a Old Testament topic look up Cana Bosm I think it was called. That would indicate it as one ingredient in the Holy anointment

  5. Good idea of putting branches on the ground to compost back into the soil. I do that also by putting my branches into my chipper schreader. This makes it faster to breakdown and compost.

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