1. I was weighing my options on a new vape and your video tipped the scale on the Mighty. Just got it yesterday and will be travelling to Mars soon. Thanks for the video!

  2. Any tips on reducing the harshness and coughing and tinder lungs during and after a session? Tried the mighty for first time and experienced these effects. Would like your help on this matter on reducing these issues. Thank you

  3. I use two cooling units, each last a week and get cleaned throughout the week, as time permits and is ready for next switch. It is time consuming to clean that thing either way you slice it. The way you do it right now, causes wear and tear on the rubber o-rings for nothing. I only use it for concentrates, so I do not recommend cleaning the cooling unit with a Q-Tip as you are missing out on sweet, sweet reclaim. I'm a huge fan of reclaim… trash to stash!

  4. I too love my Mighty. I bought 6 months ago after watching several of your comparison vids..cheers for the good advise. Using mainly with concentrate caps since clubbing in with a couple pals to buy a Roisinbomb desktop press after your review of that!..Mighty good for Roisin too..such a great alround high use vape. Now waiting for my Rio Dab rig to arrive after watching your pre release review of that..that should take the pressure off my new German friend. Thanks Troy, you've cost me around 700 quid to date but i think your good work is priceless. U.K. love and lungs ✌

  5. I have the medical version and i used the small containers, however i recognize the vape inhaled heats up way too strong i tend to cough. feels similar to a Pax vape which feels harsh after some vapes. i assume the extra metal distracts the true temperature. i now dont use the capsules anymore and the vape is smoother recognizably longer and when it starts getting bad, its still better than with the capsules.

  6. Got one this past weekend a mighty. The taste is so different than say a joint. I been using the dosing capsule and not putting the herbs directly in the space. I made the mistake of after finishing up i opened it and poured the dosing capsule on my hand… HUGE MISTAKE lmao I got mine online for about $300. My local smoke shop had it for $475.00 which is nuts.

  7. •My qtips always left cotton in the cooling unit, so I find it easier to just throw it in 99% alcohol for an hour or two and letting it dry
    •Totally agree that Mighty is the best vape, Crafty being the second. Got me very disappointed in the Pax, haven’t been back to it since
    •Fine grind, but not too fine

  8. Hitting before it's heated up just means it takes longer to heat up/maintain that temp.
    The amount of time it takes to turn off after being left heated is a good amount of time to wait and you will notice it cools down a lot less doing so.

    If I start hitting as soon as the green light goes on it will quickly go red(needs to heat up) with 5-10 second pulls. If I give it the extra ~1 minute to heat up it needs multiple 10+ second pulls to trigger the cooldown.

  9. Can you do a ghost mv1 tips vid? You make the best vidz. Also can you review the storz and bickle plenty, another reviewer is saying it's the closest to smoking a Jay or blunt. I would like to see you review it.

  10. Im leaning towards the Mighty.. I'm wondering do any of these vaporizers have harmful metal or made with any chemicals that we should watch out for before vaping?

  11. hey does anyone know what the slidey part on the top of the cooling unit does?? the part with the hologram and the logo, it has two positions but I don't think it changes anything. anyone???

  12. Dope video – had the mighty for years – got slack with my cleaning had to buy a new unity as cannot even open old one. Will clean like this now!

  13. Great Tips! I have to say though, I haven´t found any portable vape, even the Mighty, that is as smooth as the Volcano Desktop Vape, that is the one down side for me, and my baby lungs, I just love the smoothness of the Volcano but regarding portables, I agree the Mighty takes the cake!

  14. Thank you very much for your great and informative video,I will buy the „Mighty“because I think it‘s the best of all mobile vaporizers!Greetings from Susanne,Hamburg/Germany PS.I subscribed to your channel,it’s cool 👍🏻✌🏻!

  15. As a general tip don't use ethanol near o rings. the ethanol will start to chew on it and soon enough you'll have no seal on it and have to get a new o ring for it.
    Good video. 🙂

  16. bro take a sharp plastic knife and save the oil to dab and or reuse on the pad. it gets you ripped. sad to see that oil go to waste ☹️

  17. I'd never considered cleaning it on the fly. I shall try that after my next mammoth cleaning session (I have at least 5 cooling units) Good thinking.

    Most of these tips ring true for the Crafty too. I would suggest the battery charge thing is more about not letting it run flat and don't leave it charging when it's full. Those things kill the battery fast. That may well be different for the Mighty given it's dual battery set up.

    One thing I've learnt from experience (and a few broken Craftys) is don't plug the unit in just after you've used it. It stays hot too long and degrades the circuit board quickly. If you are competent at pulling the unit apart, it can be repaired out of warranty. But by that point you've generally got a new vape anyway. So give it a few minutes to cool down and it'll last at least twice as long.

    Some people have suggested the Crafty is designed to fail just after the 2 year warranty. My experience is i kill mine in 18 months. I've returned 2 and each time I was sent a brand new Crafty with all the kit. My last one lasted longer than the warranty and despite needing a self rebuild is still going strong after 3 years.

    But I reckon with care and taking these tips on board a Storz and Bickel could last you 6 years plus.

    Also, another tip. Do not be tempted to buy a different herb vape if you are used to the Crafty/Mighty. It simply won't cut it. You won't be satisfied. It will feel like it's not working.

    Try other peoples but don't be too hard on them. 🙂

  18. You speak so fast, non native English speaking people can't understand most of what you say, it's important to make subtitles, or talk slower.

  19. the best tip is missed in an ironic way. reclaim that shit! I actually let my cooling unit soak on middle temps in full fat milk on the stove. stir a lot. you will see the nice brown colour coming up as if its hashish milk. its crazy strong. after i just wash it more with water but the thc stickyness is totally dissolved in the milk. So its very easy to after that clean it.

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