🔴 Reefer Revolution LIVE! [43] 9/15 Blunt Commentary, Marijuana in MSM, Pot Politics, Cannabis Care

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    Tucker Carlson Tonight
    32 minutes ago
    @Elev8t3d Grower abusing cannabis to get high is bad

    Elev8t3d Grower
    Tucker Carlson Tonight Drinking and being a worthless drunk is bad. Smoking cigs is bad even to much sugar of caffeine is bad for you. Is that what you think of everyone we do it just to get high? maybe its for server pains atredic pains or just to relax just the same is your scotch or stogie No one has ever died from cannabis alone and they never will because the plant does not affect the body in negative ways Most people i have found that had trouble was because of a mold issue or pesticide or mildew the reefer madness and the war on drugs was lost. WHY? because you treated people like criminals because of stigma you made it hard for them to get a job vote and get government help you made them a criminal with a criminal record for low level possession what good are you if you can't take care of your family this becomes a dead end for most it is not the herb it self that is to blame it is society who gives people no way out so they follow a life of crime because of stigma they have no other choice

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