♡ Florida Medical Marijuana ♡ | empty truPOD HACK – DON'T TOSS YOUR PODS! | Trulieve reviews ♡

hello frands! welcome back 2:08 for the tutorial/watch me vape 2:36 for me trying to do a french inhale 1:13 for me choking ♡ i adore you all for watching! thank …


  1. Why would someone throw those away there refillable and they cost $94 I just buy the CO2 refills for 75 and get 50 extra milligrams

  2. I get same results, but using a Hair Dryer . I can even aim at the inside of the mouth peace to "q-tip" the inside of the metal tip when I refill(I use/prefer 510 cartridges)… no messy water 🙂

  3. Can I make a request? I am getting my card for chronic pain. Can you show us how different strains help for different health issues?

  4. This is a very smart idea because it preserves the terpenes by not destroying them. using a hot water process i personally think is genius. The oil becomes easier to vape but retains the same flavor.

  5. I live in Bradenton Florida. I just recently applied for my card and will be going to see trulieve because of your reviews. Thank you for all the information. 👍😎💨🌪️🌩️

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