Youngest Cannabis CEO Fights To Make Medical Marijuana Legal For Kids

13-year-old Rylie Maedler is the youngest cannabis CEO, ever. After taking cannabis oil from age seven to help cope with tumors and seizures, Rylie dedicated …


  1. No they take the bad stuff away from the oil if u straight up had cannbis it is really bad for u it the stuff in it they take it out when they make the oil so it is bad but the oil isn’t

  2. You mean to tell me you and your stoner mom are making medicine by yourself and selling it to children. At this point cannabis doesn't matter because that's just retarded. The cannabis just makes it worse

  3. This is great if only for the children that are ill. Any other use among youth will have negative impacts on their brains' development.

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  5. I'm all about cannabis for treatment

    but selling it in oil form makes me think of those other oil products which people sell as a cure which are actual scams.

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