Xenophobia has no place in SA

Xenophobia has no place in South Africa. So says International Relations Minister Naledi Pandor who briefed the media, alongside Police Minister Bheki Cele, …


  1. There are more than 8 million foreigners in RSA that are undocumented. They sell drugs, kill Rhinos and Pollute JHB.
    I bet that Naledi Pandor can't even explain what is "Xenophobia".

  2. South Africa is xenophobia nation, xenophobia is deeply rooted in South Africa society , from top to bottom . This minister are just talking bullshit , xenophobia is the payback for Africans for helping the get their freedom. African traitors

  3. Naledi forgot ukuba yena works for us. So we are telling you Naledi we don’t want these people in our beloved country, including all foreigners whether white or Asian or African. Mabahambe nawe uhambe if uyaqonda

  4. South Africans police officers have no respect towards foreigners. approach them with dignity.

  5. Yet there is a place for illegal immigrants. I guess South Africans don't matter. Let's put foreigners first and South Africans second.. That's what y'all are saying.. Nna kare f that.. We want South Africa and South Africans to be put first. This is our country and we have a right to fight for it. Even if it means isolation.

  6. I might not be sure of the motive for this particular crime but South Africa is a violent country with a high crime rate. With the number of foreign nationals living in South Africa it's not unrealistic to expect them to also be victims of crime. Let's not blow things out of proportion and cause undue divisions.

  7. Stupid Ministers of SA you don't have to defend and explain to anyone these foregners needs to be chased away back to thier countries , I have never see or heaard 80% in any of the African states even in the world foreigners occupied a city hijacked buildings not paying water and eletticity,, smuggling drugs in our country, trafficking humans, selling fake goods, this is sabotage of our economy by these foreigners, and this is very dangers, thry smughle illigal weapons hence thry can shoot and kill our law enforcement agencies of this country, they must cross the Zambezi river riding thier crocodile and leave SA, I appeal to the Mandela ancestor to appear to Graca in a form of a dream tell her to talk to his brother and sisters inlaw of Mandela ask these foreigners from Mozambique and friend from thier neighboring countries such as Nigeria, Gana, Zimbambwe who came illigal in SA to leave SA in peace we have many challenges we ate facing here with Zuuma and his foreign friends Guptas and others please

  8. Naledi, let all these people go back to their countries and allow them in with proper papers. We are tired cos all of you are incompetent and corrupt. Don’t we have borders in South Africa? If yes, why do we have so many of these people using fake names and fake South African IDs? Why do we have counter fit products, how do they get in the country? Has someone being paid to allow this nonsense? It’s time now for ANC to come clean, we are sick and tired as a country bakithi, the country has become a banana republic because wonke umuntu is corrupt, down to Home Affairs officials working with foreigners for easy cash. Smh. I have proof of what I am saying here, I stand to be challenged.

  9. Ok !!!! Then build more power stations…more dams…more hospitals…and rhe list go on and on and on!!!What about houses??? Things dont fall from the air !!

  10. South Africa is led by lazy incompetent people they are selected by nepotism in the country they can't even make right decisions now the country is full of aliens and they are struggling to resolve it.

  11. The ANC opened the borders. SA was the leading economy while the rest of Africa was and is suffering under dictatorship and/or corruption and maladministration. Of course we had and do have the rest of Africa trying to get into South Africa. The borders must be closed and the sovereignty of South Africa respected. We have over 11 million Zimbabweans and lord knows how many other Africans fleeing to South Africa as refugees. We can't even support our own people here or provide services or employment because of the corruption and maladministration of our own government who insist on pushing our economy further down the toilet. It is just getting worse daily for everyone.

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