1. I used to have terrifying panic attacks on Cannabis for the exact same reasons Marisa—not good enough, am doing everything in my life wrong, I’m a bad person, other people can’t stand me, and if they loved me, it was because they couldn’t see the “truth” about me. I’d have all these thoughts when under the influence and then I heard about letting go and going with the feelings and following them to their source. That was incredibly therapeutic and now I see that the plant was trying to help me sort through the abuse in my childhood all along. It was just difficult when everyone else was laughing and having a good time and I was the one who “couldn’t handle it” Thanks so much for this 🤗

  2. Lower THC higher CBD and help if you get anxious or paranoid. Some people are sensitive to higher THC and it can be challenging to find lower THC because the demand is so high for the highest THC levels possible

  3. This is so encouraging. I hope with all my being that this is the direction humanity goes in. Just beautiful.

  4. I have been tokin for about 6 years now and my mother is worried I'm going to start doing other drugs Just because she stocked a people in the hospital every day miss started off with weed and then moved up to something stronger

  5. I also used to get very self-conscious after smoking weed but what a friend of mine told me was whatever you are thinking about that is the things that you need to fix in your life I used to get very self-conscious about my weight or my relationship status it's all in your mind. I am at peace now.

  6. Im in love with every bit of this video! So blessed to have found this video and this channel 🤘🤗

  7. Industrial HEMP related stock are shooting up. The cheapest ones are HEMP HIPH BLPG DPWW INQD*** UBQU WDRP AGTK******. Industrial Hemp in USA should be legalized in a broad scale Do not wait until the end.

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