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  1. I hope to become an accountant at my cannabis company when I get my degree. I just started last week and I am seeing a lot of people at my company get promotions.

  2. Through self experience, truly I say:

    "Drugs are damaging the consciousness, the brain, the nervous system, ones health and the immune system. Persons who are addicted to drugs very often are prisoners of their thoughts and show resistance to any advice."

    "Marijuana and hashish are very strong psychological drugs that, therefore, harm the psyche, as they also cause a strong brain atrophy, whose consequences run, among other things, in a chronically progressive manner and work themselves out as degenerative changes in the brain. This means that a loss occurs with regard to previously acquired capabilities of perceiving, thinking and recognizing. The loss of these cognitive abilities causes increasing disturbances with regard to memory, but also with regard to intelligence and discernment. This is linked to a change of one’s personality structure as well as one’s sense of direction and of one’s social as well as activity-related aspects. Ultimately, psychotic factors arise, such as hallucinations and delusional ideas and possibly even epilepsy. And the damage, which these drugs also cause, is very great, and the psychological damages and brain atrophy are only two of the various health impairments."

    SPIRITUALLY: any mind's narcotic is antagonist to the Spiritual evolution, which is the sole purpose of the being in life.

    HEALTH: besides others side effects, brain atrophy and degeneration, psychological impairments, sleep pattern disturbances, the long term use of cannabis causes chronic anxiety disorder and depression.

    The agenda behind this and other controversial matters are simply to fulfill some sociology-political goals, and in the long term it won't belong any more to earth's humankind reality. It is thus a temporary phenomena related to the current evolutionary challenges in the contemporary civilization.

    "You cannot acquire experience by making experiments. You cannot create experience. You must undergo it."

    Drugs usage is about humankind's experiment making in order to gain knowledge and the subsequent experience. Beyond it's about the evolution of the consciousness that follows stages, by making the previous obsolete. One day earth humans will look backwards in time, and realize how primitive they once were.

    Drugs are like a miserable executioner, offering you crumbs while stealing treasures from you.

    Healing is about facing life's challenges with clear consciousness.

    "Simplify to simply fly."

  3. Budtender in Baltimore here, thanks for your video Brooke! What a small world- DMHS Class of ‘08 🙌 🧡 I am trying to get out of my budtender role and into something a little more lucrative, wish me luck 🤞

  4. Hallo Mary Jane is it possible that Germans can work there too, and how i can become a green card thanks for answer me greetings edith

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